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Love stories photographer in Venice.

The emotions associated with key moments of couple's life are the main ingredient for my storytelling: everything else is just there to support.

Surprise proposals in Venice

In order I'd start with the "hat" of Surprise proposal photographer in Venice: these assignments have a lot of fun but require plenty of assistance in the planning to choose the best spot for the couple (and the photography) the proposal part may be extremely candid with me following the couple to the planned area or (much better) with the "proposer" to come to the planned area and propose when I'm ready to capture the candid reaction, afterwards we go ahead with those that could be engagement photographs.

Engagement photographer in Venice

This is a classic, the proposal was done at home but still Venice is a perfect location for engagment photography and for "save the date" images, not to mention for a very romatic holiday. I write more on my website about my services as engagement photographer in Venice

Wedding and Elopement photographer in Venice.

The numbers of guests should not influence the emotions in theory but I feel that small and intimate wedding have an intensity of emotions that in larger events is replaced by the explotions of joy and al lthe stories of the guests I love to photograph elopments in Venice or small and intimate weddings. Professionally this is the bulk of my activity as wedding photographer in Venice.

Other services:

In Venice mostly couples for what was just mentioned and honeymoons and vacation photography.
Still, even if is and extremely romantic place the many events and just the art of the city calls indivuals and they may need pictures: dancers, muscians and artists often call for portrait services and the same happens for people wanting to upade their social media profile with romatic pictures. So I can wear the hat of portrait photographer in Venice.

More images are published regularly on my instagram profile: Instagram phorographer in Venice



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