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Siena, Italy Wedding Photographer
Siena, Italy Wedding Photographer - Gianfranco Bernardo

Gianfranco Bernardo

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My goal is to make your wedding unforgettable with spontaneous and amazing photographs.
I love music and have studied piano and opera singing since I was a child.
At the age of 22, I was keyboardist and backing vocalist on the tours of Pino D’Angiò, the singer of "Che idea" and other Italian hits from the 80s.
As a boy, I often looked at my parents' wedding album which was full of posed photos.
I recall wanting to see more dynamic photos and more emotions. I longed to savor the happiness that was certainly in the air, but that was not conveyed in those static photos.
A few years later, I started photographing my parents and my friends in various moments of their lives.
I began telling the stories of people around me, including friends and relatives, but also simple people, passersby on the street. 

All this has made me feel good and I have never stopped taking pictures since!

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