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Padua, Italy Wedding Photographer
Padua, Italy Wedding Photographer - Valeria Berti Photography

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Hello! I am Valeria, a destination weddings photographer in Italy.

I am a wedding reportage photographer and I work in the style of photojournalism.

I capture, not just the events of your day but the emotions of your day.

My joy and love is to capture the story of your wedding, with my heart first of all and then with my camera; giving you the ability to relive every moment, even after many years.

I look for the 'real' moments: "Each wedding is different and unique, because the people who give it life are unique" That's why I love to photograph the unrepeatable moments of one of the most special days of life: Your wedding!

My reportage tells your story, in a sincere and elegant way; a story in pictures, which captures the most beautiful memories and emotions of your marriage and your life with photography.

My way of photographing is absolutely natural, spontaneous, emotional, creative and unobtrusive.

"Photographs are our memory over time, when our memories begin to get lost in the passing of time." I strongly believe in that.

I live in Padua, but I also work in Venice and throughout Italy and abroad.

Multi Awarded Winning Wedding Photographer

I am Member of the most important international association of wedding and photojournalism.

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