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Tel Aviv, Israel Wedding Photographer
Tel Aviv, Israel Wedding Photographer - Shahar Vin

Shahar Vin

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Your photographer plays a significant role in the
important and exciting days of your life. 

Above professionalism, as a photographer I believe
in the personal connection between you – who stand in front of the camera and
me – who stands behind it.

And so I will share a little about how I fell in love
with photography.

As a child, my mom sent me to painting class, where I
discovered my great passion for colors, forms and aesthetics. My new found
interest in painting draw me so much that I spend hours on hours at home
filling whole notebooks and when there were no more pages I moved to paint on
tables, walls and any other available surface.

As a teen I was very shy but then came into my life my
new hobby – I got a camera for my 16th birthday. At first I wasn’t able to
photograph people, I was simply too embarrassed to create interactions, even
through the lens, but slowly curiosity began to overcome the fear…I began to
look at people, to investigate their behavior from the side-line and I was
mystified. Quickly I became addicted to photography of people.

 The camera taught
me to deal with my fears & shyness as I began seeing people a different
light – every person suddenly seemed to be unique and interesting.

Without noticing I fell in love with people.. So today I
can truly say: My name is Shahar and I am addicted to people photography!

True emotions cannot be forged or reconstructed and
that’s exactly what I’m looking for – to capture and perpetuate those fragile
seconds in such a way that when you look back at these pictures in 10, 15, or
30 years you will tear, laugh or shudder! 

My studio provides documentary photography services. We
believe in creativity, innovation, aesthetics, empathy and giving. It would be
my pleasure to meet with you and to create an exciting artistic keepsake for

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