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I am not just a wedding photographer, or even just a photographer.  I'm a friend and family to my clients.  I am there from the beginning with them to capture the day through their eyes and to tell that story for the rest of their lives and to their children.  I also love seeing them year after year, with every child or milestone in their lives to celebrate and remember the best of their lives.  I capture the stories worth reliving.  

Growing up in a small desert town in California, I didn't have many photographs of my family because when I was 5 my father died in a horrible accident and since then our family felt incomplete without him. So the few pictures I had of him became my most precious possessions.  I have no wedding photos of my grandparents or parents weddings because they had to chose between furniture and a wedding.  My mother had a photographer at her wedding but none of the photos came out. I cherish my own wedding photos and never again want our family's history to be lost.  I believe one of the distinguishing elements about my wedding photography and skill as a photographer is that I know firsthand the importance of a photograph.

I've been a Colorado wedding photographer since 2006 and since then have told the stories of over 250 couples.  Ultimately what I give my client's is their day and their love's legacy. Every moment that took their breath away, moments they didn’t even see, details they put months of planning into, and the people they love so much you can’t imagine life without them. 

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