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I'm a Destination wedding photographer.
I started studying photography 14 years ago while I worked as a photographer for a social events magazine, then there was a radical change in my life, when I started to work in tourist cruises as Photo Manager. My job was to travel around the world taking pictures, this way I got to known from the North Pole, to the South Pole, I toured the 5 continents, capturing rivers, seas, colors, flavors, different cultures, people, plants, wild life, architecture, etc. I became a Wildlife, Landscape and Portraiture Photographer.

A few years ago I came back to stablish my self in Mexico as a Wedding Photographer. Since I took photos in my first wedding, i loved it! Every wedding is an special and unique history.

"Trigger the shutter around the world strengthened my profession and my vocation, the daily exercise recounting tales of love, emotions, cultures, traditions through photography, has led me share unrepeatable and unforgettable moments. Photography is the best way, for me to interact with others and with the world. Love, Composition, light, framing is my favorite language."  




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