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Abhimanyu and Prasheila are the duo behind the award-winning Going Bananas Photography team.

Abhimanyu is often described as more of a best-man to the groom and brother to the bride, than a photographer. With a keen sense for dramatic lighting and angles, he is the guy you see lying on the ground, climbing on top of trees, and almost falling off buildings (true story!). Anything for that perfect shot! Abhimanyu's favourite part about weddings is the food, especially biryani! 

Prasheila is often described as a bridesmaid by her brides. With a keen sense for photojournalism, she's highly preceptive and excels in capturing those fleeting emotions and moments. Anything for that priceless image! Prasheila loves everything about weddings: the emotions, the colours, the chaos and above it all the love!

They work together to give you two different perspectives of your wedding celebrations.

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