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I'm Massimiliano Esposito, I was born in Rome, Italy. Photography was always my dream, my passion - a way to express myself. I love weddings, love to capture real emotions, real people, real life ; when family and friends are there for one reason only : to celebrate love.

To realize my dream, in 2010 I've finally decided to open my own studio as a wedding photographer. In 2014 I've met my wife, who is also a photographer. 90 % of the weddings we do together, so we can capture really everything, from two different point of view.

After a while new dreams came up, new challenges. Today I'm very proud of myself : I've became a member of some serious group of photographers like Fearless, WPJA, ISWP. I'm always looking for something new , something that makes people say WOW. I never stop to experiment, new techniques, new places and I keep studying from the best photographers all around the world.

I'm always motivated and at every wedding I do my best. On that day the only thing that matters is to give my clients a true, breathtaking, unique story through my photos.

I'm trying to find the right balance between photojournalism and portrait photography. They are both important on the same way. Photojournalism is great, is fantastic. Is just so real, I shoot what happens : the real wedding, the real smiles , the real tears. But... everyone loves love stories. Photos which take your breath away. Everyone needs the portrait session, alone, just the bride and the groom where I can see their real love, the intimacy.

Currently I live in Rome, so I serve all Italy but I prefer to consider myself as a destination wedding photographer so I travel all around the world for your wedding.



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