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My husband and I are traveling wedding photographers creatively capturing adventures in love. 
We travel all over the world but our dogs, and therefore our home, is in Minnesota. 
When shooting weddings, we are looking to capture moments that are both epic, and authentic. 

I believe we are all sentimental by nature.
We enjoy photographs because they are visual guides to memories, which we use to call upon the great events, funny stories, and significant moments in our lives. Your wedding day will encompass all of these ideas as well as being the start of one of your most epic adventures. It’s important that your photographs highlight those  significant instances, yet also include the small moments you won’t even recognize until afterwards. My responsibility and passion is to deliver your wedding day just as you remembered it.

My photography style is photojournalist meets creative. 
Weddings are full of emotion and moments- once they happen, they can not be recreated. 
So my job as a photojournalist is to capture those moments by understanding raw emotion and anticipating their occurrence. I then add the creativity of angles, vantage points, and other photography concepts to tell your story in a way that is visually as well as 
emotionally appealing. 


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