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About 12 years ago, during my time at university I acquired my first camera, a gift from the woman who is still today by my side, supporting me in every new adventure that destiny and my intrepid spirit decide to take each day. I remember her look, like it was yesterday, so full of tenderness while she was watching me shooting that Kodak digital camera and perhaps my inexperience meant I forgot to photograph her beautiful face in that unique moment and now only I have the privilege of storing it in my memory —You look like a child with a new toy— she said with such a particular tone of voice that could not be described in words.

I must say that those words are with me every time I’m behind the viewfinder of my camera. Whenever I have the honor to witness those unrepeatable and fleeting moments, I feel the same enthusiasm of that time long ago, or yesterday? What is time after all? Knowing that only my camera and I can steal those precious moments from time and freeze them for posterity is undoubtedly the greatest privilege that life has given me.

Capturing the true essence of each couple that decides to unite their lives is the most exciting of all adventures. Really, nothing is further from the truth than the expression I hear that “All weddings are the same”

Every look of complicity is special, from a subtle gesture to the most passionate of kisses is unrepeatable. Full of color, textures, time, light, shades and a thousand other things that make it simply unique. Therefore I must say that I consider myself an adventurer, I also find myself extremely fortunate and on the eve of every wedding, I consider myself undoubtedly…

A child with a new toy!

Jorge Mercado

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