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Photography has always been my passion in life and now it has become my profession. I consider myself very lucky because this fantastic and demanding profession, which absorbs most of my energy, allows me to make hopes and dreams come true, thus expressing my true nature. Those who know me well appreciate the authenticity of my simple ways, sometimes a bit rough and sometimes light-hearted, but definitely devoid of hypocrisy. I think I am a brave photographer motivated by the constant desire to create images full of love, life and character.

My life and professional career are filled with different kinds of experiences that have shaped my eclectic character and my personal photographic style, which in one word could be defined as “textured.”




I love to work without interfering or influencing events, capturing the special moments as they happen.

I do not like posed images, every photo must capture things as they happen. My photos have to recount in the best way possible the most beautiful day of two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together; they must allow couples to relive the emotions of that day. This is the main aim of any wedding photographer.

A feeling, a smile, the preparations are all essential elements that I try to capture in a simple and unique manner, recreating the story of that important day.

I want each photo to communicate authenticity and real down-to-earth emotions. The couple are unaware protagonists of the story-telling.

My job is to find the best moment to translate a gesture, a smile, a kiss in a photo that will always remain as a reminder of that special day.




I firmly believe that every story should be experienced in full before being told, only then can I have a clear idea of what will be the final epilogue.

For me, photographing a wedding, your wedding, is not just a job, it is something more, and that’s why I push myself to the limits of my emotions in order to be a good storyteller. I feel your excitement, your fear, your joy, your happiness and the love you have for each other, and only by experiencing this whirlwind of emotions first hand am I able to become part of your day.

I do not want to feel like a guest, or a professional who is doing his job, I am looking for something more so that I can do my job in the best way possible.

It is not simply the task of collecting images that once printed will remain there forever, in silence. I want you to relive every feeling and emotion of that day each time you look at your wedding album. I want to excite you, move you, make you cry and smile at the same time, and I assure you that this would not be possible if I didn’t go through these emotions with you.


It is your day. My presence will be as impalpable as possible. I will document the natural course of events discreetly, trying not to disrupt the balance of naturalness and familiarity that you have with your guests.

I will not give instructions to the bride and groom or the guests regarding unnatural and artificial poses or smiles, but will try to tell this story with you, your family, friends, relatives, and children.

The feeling between me and the bride and groom also becomes fundamentally important because I will be where you can’t be. I will try to be your eyes, so that these photos will later become memories.


If the couple wishes, after the ceremony we can provide a portrait session in a place chosen together.

Half an hour to ease the tension and stop time

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