Qingdao, China 婚礼摄影师
Qingdao, China Wedding Photographer - Leader


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September 2014 was awarded the American WPPI Photography Association certification, 
and entered the WPPI world's top wedding & wedding photo collection show.
In October 2014 was awarded the ISPWP international professional wedding photography association certification. 
Members of the association include the world's top TOP10 wedding photographer and the world's leading wedding photographer.
January 2015 won the fearless international certification, officially entered the full of creative and imaginative 
" fearless wedding photographer" ranks, China currently only a few several famous wedding photographer through this certification.
In 2015 February the main award in the ISPWP global competition, 
become Qingdao's first in the international award-winning wedding photographer.
July 2015 selected TopWeds Asia's 30 wedding photographer, became the only one selected in china.


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