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My name is Alex Dzhumara, I’m based out of Northern California!  I live here with my wonderful wife Vasylyna who is a huge inspiration in what I do. My passion for photography began more than 6 years ago.

It all started as sports photography for my college team.  I loved the feeling of capturing motion and excitement. Over time this passion grew into something more. When I was getting married to my beautiful wife Vasylyna, we began our detailed preparation for our day. Looking for a wedding photographer took hours upon hours of my time.

The more time I spent looking at weddings, the more I fell in love with the beautiful sentiment  of that special day. Emotion expressed on that wedding day, when two people make a commitment to each other is what inspired me to become a wedding photographer. Capturing that emotion with the candid moments of that amazing continues to be exhilarating and rewarding. I believe that the photos that really move you deeply are the ones that are truthful and real.

My approach to capturing your day would be a combination of photojournalism with a diverse blend of lifestyle images that are remarkably stunning as well as natural. Your wedding day will be full of joy, excitement and unforgettable moments and my goal would be to capture them. I believe that the photos that last a lifetime are the ones that are genuine.

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