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Hi my Name is Andreas and i am a fulltime wedding photographer located in the middle of Germany.

I like to capture true moments with true emotions from your wedding day. I am your story teller of the greatest day of your life, and i will do everything to deliver images that will makes you proud. 


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Andreas Pollok, Heidelberg, Germany

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. You made our celebration so much more fun and festive!
One of our friends who passed out during the reception actually said those photos refreshed her memory because they are so story telling. Those pictures are not just artistic, but they talk. It’s truly the captures of the best moments. We have no regret of this event, because you made this gathering so much more meaningful and beautiful. Everyone is stunned with your pictures! 

I would like to share this quote from my friend who was not able to attend the wedding but saw the slideshow

“Now, I have to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your wedding video!! I even felt at one point that I would cry because YOU and everyone and everything was so superbly beautiful!!! the overall video was so wonderfully crafted; it was a delight to watch. ”

My wedding was not magical. But you, Andreas, made it magical!
Thank you! We miss you! big kiss from everyone!

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