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My name is Tatiana Bonvin. Lets meet each other and have some amazing photoshoot together!

The best way I can describe my work is an artistic journalism. Logic meets creative. Inventive meets beauty. Classy meets movement.

I had my first darkroom experience at 10, photographed my first wedding at 21.
I hold Master degree in Computer Science. I also was working 7 years as a Brand Manager and a Senior Designer for an international IT company.
Combined, I have more than 20 years experience as photojournalist and designer with an extensive knowledge of all details of the photography process, from concept, through shooting and till creation of final result.
My focus is in discovering beauty and telling your story in most dramatic way, about your happiest day ever in pictures that reflect your soul, personality, bring you cutting edge photographs which will keep all the precious moments from your wedding day. Lets create together something amaizing at your wedding day!

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