ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Spring 2010

Emin Kuliyev – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Spring 2010

New York City, New York
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 1st Place, Emin Wedding Photography

1st Place

Emin Kuliyev

Emin Wedding Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 2nd Place, ron storer photography

2nd Place

ron storer

ron storer photography

Seattle, Washington,...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 3rd Place, Unique Images Photography

3rd Place

Mark Pawlyszyn

Unique Images Photog...

Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 4th Place, Xpression International

4th Place

Jose Luis Guardia V...

Xpression Internatio...

Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 5th Place, Aaron Willcox Photography

5th Place

Aaron Willcox

Aaron Willcox Photog...

San Diego, California
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 6th Place, Liliya Gorlanova

6th Place

Liliya Gorlanova

Liliya Gorlanova

Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 7th Place, FunkyTown Photography

7th Place

Christina Craft

FunkyTown Photography

Victoria, British Co...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 8th Place, Apertura

8th Place

Erwin Darmali


Los Angeles, Califor...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 9th Place, Edoardo Agresti Photographer[s]

9th Place

Edoardo Agresti

Edoardo Agresti Phot...

Florence, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 10th Place, Morgan Lynn Photography

10th Place

Morgan Razi

Morgan Lynn Photogra...

Houston, Texas
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 11th Place, Cliff Brunk Photography

11th Place

Cliff Brunk

Cliff Brunk Photogra...

San Francisco, Calif...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 12th Place, Marco Miglianti

12th Place

Marco Miglianti

Marco Miglianti

Tuscany, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 13th Place, Carolina Pires Fotografia

13th Place

Carolina Pires

Carolina Pires Fotog...

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 14th Place, Katherine Birkbeck Photography

14th Place

Katherine Birkbeck

Katherine Birkbeck P...

Knoxville, Tennessee
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 15th Place, Kurstin Roe Photography

15th Place

Kurstin Roe

Kurstin Roe Photogra...

Washington D.C.
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 16th Place, Victor Herrera Photographers

16th Place

Victor Herrera

Victor Herrera Photo...

Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 17th Place, Azul Photography

17th Place

Christobal Perez

Azul Photography

Raleigh, North Carol...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 18th Place, Anna Kuperberg Photography

18th Place

Anna Kuperberg

Anna Kuperberg Photo...

Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 19th Place, Matthias Richter Fotografie

19th Place

Matthias Richter

Matthias Richter Fot...

Hamburg, Germany
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2010 - 20th Place, Renato dPaula PHOTO

20th Place

Renato dPaula

Renato dPaula PHOTO

São Paulo, SP, Brazil


First prize

  • $750 Cash
  • 1st Pick of Product Prizes
  • Photographer of the Quarter

Second prize

  • $500 Cash
  • 2nd Pick of Product Prizes

Third prize

  • $250 Cash
  • 3rd Pick of Product Prizes

Product Prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers depending on the number of prizes available

Product Prize Descriptions

Big Folio Premium Design ($450 value) with 6 months of free hosting ($120 value)


BIG Folio is a web design and hosting company offering sleek, sophisticated site designs especially tailored to suit professional photographers needs. Founded in 2004, our team includes people driven to create great websites and great photography.
More information… 


ProDPI Photo Lab Gift Certificates (value $200, $100, and $50)

ProDPI is providing print certificates in the amounts of $200, $100, and $50. Winners can redeem their certificates for any ProDPI product!

More information...


Bebb Studios – Fusion is Now DVD ($250 value)


FUSION: the process of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
Stephen and Jennifer Bebb, the first wedding photographers in the world to review the Canon 5D MkII, take you on a step-by-step journey to FUSION.
The DVD, Fusion is Now, covers: Adding Fusion to your coverage now | Simple, basic and advanced Fusion techniques | Working with audio on the wedding day and after the fact | non-HDSLR solutions | tips and tricks. Plus a Bonus 45 minute DVD that focuses solely on editing your fusion projects.
More information…


Gift Certificate towards a sample Finao ONE album ($250 value)
Albums with attitude. Winner will be given a coupon after the close of the contest.
More information… 

Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st – 4th place winners (value $60 each)

The 1st – 4th place winners will each receive a lifetime license for any single song from Triple Scoop Music. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. You can select from thousands of hand-picked royalty-free songs by award-winning artists and composers. Easily find great songs and use the music legally for marketing and promotion. Hear why the world’s top photographers grow their business with music from Triple Scoop Music.

More information… 

Fundy Software – Fundy Dollars Gift Certificate ($200 value)


75% of surveyed users say they’ve cut their production time in half (or more) using Fundy Software Products. The Fundy Dollars may be used on any product or combination of products.
More information… 

Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 ($155 value)


The briefcase size Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 fits more gear that it appears! A wide angle lens with hood in position, 24-70 f2.8 with hood in position and 70-200 f2.8 with hood reversed all fit vertically into this slim shoulder bag. Now it’s the photographer’s choice to attach a pro size or regular size DSLR to the short lenses. The new Expansion Zipper increases the depth of the Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 to fit a pro size DSLR with a lens attached, inside the main compartment!
More information…

Proofmaker by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson (value $75)

Proofmaker is a Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5 script that will generate bordered proof images with the image name, or copyright information — or both (or neither) — into your photos, in one easy step. Easily turn your photos into bordered, labeled proofs!

More information…