ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Winter 2010

Yu Hsin Seah – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Winter 2010

Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 1st Place, Tinydot Photography

1st Place

Yu Hsin Seah

Tinydot Photography

Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 2nd Place, Daniel Aguilar Photographer

2nd Place

Daniel Aguilar

Daniel Aguilar Photo...

Austin, Texas
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 3rd Place, Purlitas

3rd Place

Katya Mukhina


Helsinki, Finland
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 4th Place, Liliya Gorlanova

4th Place

Liliya Gorlanova

Liliya Gorlanova

Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 5th Place, del Sol Photography

5th Place

Matt Adcock

del Sol Photography

Playa del Carmen, Ri...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 6th Place, Emin Wedding Photography

6th Place

Emin Kuliyev

Emin Wedding Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 7th Place, JoannaSiwiec.Com

7th Place

Joanna Siwiec


Cracow, Poland
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 8th Place, FunkyTown Photography

8th Place

Christina Craft

FunkyTown Photography

Victoria, British Co...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 9th Place, Apertura

9th Place

Erwin Darmali


Los Angeles, Califor...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 10th Place, WhiteSmoke Studio | Destination Wedding Photographer

10th Place

Michal Warda

WhiteSmoke Studio | ...

London, United Kingdom
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 11th Place, Chrisman Studios

11th Place

Erin Chrisman

Chrisman Studios

Charleston, South Ca...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 12th Place, Atrero Photography

12th Place

Ed Atrero

Atrero Photography

San Diego, California
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 13th Place, Lucida Photography

13th Place

Melia Sorenson

Lucida Photography

Vancouver, British C...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 14th Place, S1 Weddings

14th Place

Oscar Setiawan

S1 Weddings

Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 15th Place, Vinicius Matos

15th Place

Vinicius Matos

Vinicius Matos

Belo Horizonte, Mina...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 16th Place, del Sol Photography

16th Place

Sol Tamargo

del Sol Photography

Playa del Carmen, Ri...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 17th Place, Raphael Fraga Vitalino

17th Place

Raphael Fraga

Raphael Fraga Vitalino

Belo Horizonte, Mina...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 18th Place, Johannes Fenn Wedding Photography

18th Place

Johannes Fenn

Johannes Fenn Weddin...

Frankfurt, Germany
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 19th Place, Verna Pitts Photography

19th Place

Verna Pitts

Verna Pitts Photogra...

Minneapolis, St. Pau...
Wedding photography contests - Winter 2010 - 20th Place, AleBorges Fotografia

20th Place

Bruno Lima

AleBorges Fotografia

São Paulo, Br...


First prize

  • $1,000 Cash
  • 1st Pick of Product Prizes
  • Photographer of the Quarter

Second prize

  • $500 Cash
  • 2nd Pick of Product Prizes

Third prize

  • $250 Cash
  • 3rd Pick of Product Prizes

Product Prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers depending on the number of prizes available

Product Prize Descriptions

ProDPI Photo Lab Gift Certificates (value $200, $100, and $50)

ProDPI is providing print certificates in the amounts of $200, $100, and $50. Winners can redeem their certificates for any ProDPI product!

More information...


Willow Album Design – Album design up to 30 pages with layered Photoshop files (value $250)
Fresh, clean album design is what we offer to photographers that want to focus on the their imagery. Willow Album Design can help you spend more time creating photographs and less time attached to the computer afterward. With three different design styles, there’s a perfect album design solution waiting for you.
More information…
Gift Certificate towards a sample Finao ONE album ($250 value)
Albums with attitude. Winner will be given a coupon after the close of the contest.
More information… 

Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st – 4th place winners (value $60 each)

The 1st – 4th place winners will each receive a lifetime license for any single song from Triple Scoop Music. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. You can select from thousands of hand-picked royalty-free songs by award-winning artists and composers. Easily find great songs and use the music legally for marketing and promotion. Hear why the world’s top photographers grow their business with music from Triple Scoop Music.

More information… 

Fundy Software – Fundy Dollars Gift Certificate ($200 value)


75% of surveyed users say they’ve cut their production time in half (or more) using Fundy Software Products. The Fundy Dollars may be used on any product or combination of products.
More information… 

Totally Rad Actions RadLab (value $149)
RadLab is a revolutionary new way to style your photos. Unlike using Photoshop actions, RadLab allows you to get instant previews of how your image will change. You can layer together effects, called Stylets, in infinite ways, and customize your Recipes with simple, intuitive sliders. RadLab comes with 78 Stylets for you to use, and operates as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
More information…
Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 ($155 value)


The briefcase size Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 fits more gear that it appears! A wide angle lens with hood in position, 24-70 f2.8 with hood in position and 70-200 f2.8 with hood reversed all fit vertically into this slim shoulder bag. Now it’s the photographer’s choice to attach a pro size or regular size DSLR to the short lenses. The new Expansion Zipper increases the depth of the Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 to fit a pro size DSLR with a lens attached, inside the main compartment!
More information…

Riley G Designworks: One designer camera strap by ISPWP Member Aaron Willcox ($98 value)
Upgrade your style with your choice of any of our rockin’ camera straps. Pick from any design line including the limited edition straps made from upcycled vintage car seats. All our camera straps are proudly hand-crafted here in the USA and made with a great mix of new and recycled materials. Each strap is carefully constructed and fabricated for you. Several lengths and camera attachments are available to fit your shooting style.
More information…
Proofmaker by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson (value $75)

Proofmaker is a Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5 script that will generate bordered proof images with the image name, or copyright information — or both (or neither) — into your photos, in one easy step. Easily turn your photos into bordered, labeled proofs!

More information…



David Josue, David Josue Mexico Wedding Photographer, Ensenada, Mexico

Telling the story of your most intimate, memorable moments through images that feel close and real, leading wedding photographer David Josué takes photos that are bold, beautiful and simply brilliant. Taken at the decisive moments throughout your wedding day, his photos will make you look stunning and make you feel like you’re dreaming. Commission DJ to photograph your wedding, and you can expect to receive fashionable portraits, rich landscape photos, and touching candid images that make you cry and laugh out loud; but most of all his photographs will show you just how beautiful you are and how much you are loved. Based in Mexico, DJ shoots weddings all over the world for couples who want their wedding photos to be truly unforgettable.