Backyard Jewish Wedding - Deborah And Erik

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on September 17th 2020

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 03, 2020 Deborah & Erik

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Backyard Wedding - Innisfil, ON

Deborah and Erik were planning on getting married this year in an intimate wedding ceremony in New York City, that’s until Covid happened and turned everyone’s plans upside down. With all the uncertainty of the current world events, Deborah and Erik did not want to postpone the wedding any further and simply wanted to finally marry one another. With the help of the wonderful Simona Shafir of Something Blue Events, they were able to pull off in 3 short weeks a stunning intimate late-summer wedding on Erik’s family farm property.

Getting Ready

Deborah got ready with her family and best friend at the Monte Carlo Inn in Barrie, where Katerina Rapoport and her team made sure all the ladies looked absolutely flawless. With her eyes all sparkly and her lush hair all set in place, Deborah was ready to slip into her wedding dress from Diane Bridal and make her way to Heritage Park in Barrie for her first look with Erik.

In the meantime, Erik was getting ready at the family farm in Innisfil while Simona and her team were there setting up the tents and ceremony space for the wedding. As Erik was starting to get ready, family members kept popping by for a visit to see how the morning was going, but with his dad’s help, Erik got ready in no time. And while he seemed completely calm and composed as he was getting dressed, once he got into the limo to head out to Heritage Park you could tell wedding jitters were starting to come through. Erik was just so excited to finally see Deborah in her wedding dress.

First Look and Couple Portraits at Heritage Park - Barrie, ON

Deborah and Erik initially intended on doing their first look and portraits right at the family farm, but after having a quiet dinner one night right across the street from the Heritage Park in Barrie, Deborah fell in love with the park and wanted to have her first look with Erik right there.

When Deborah arrived for the first look and stepped out of the limo onto the red carpet with her gorgeous white wedding gown flowing behind her, and she saw Erik already waiting for her at the end of the path, she couldn’t stop beaming. It was absolutely priceless seeing their faces light up as they finally faced each other and took a moment to soak it all in.

We never did make it back to the farm for more couple portraits as Heritage Park just kept giving us stunning opportunities for portraits. The blue sky was reflected in the lake, giving it a rich blue colour, the gardens were blooming with all sorts of colourful flowers and plants, while the picturesque gazebo and bridge with pond and lake views called out to Deborah for more portraits. We simply couldn’t leave just yet.

Jewish Outdoor Ceremony in the Rain

When we finally arrived at the family farm for the Jewish outdoor ceremony and reception, we had time to sneak in a few more portraits of Deborah and Erik right after the family portraits. The mosquitos were getting all caught in Deborah’s dress and veil, so only after applying copious amounts of bug spray were we able to get to work, showing off how stunning Deborah looked in her wedding gown, with her veil flowing behind her in the breeze.

With the last guests seated, everyone rushed to get the ceremony started as the darkening skies threatened to open up and unleash a storm. As per Jewish wedding customs, Deborah was greeted by her parents at the end of the aisle, where they veiled and accompanied her down the aisle where Erik was waiting for her. As the ceremony commenced, the winds picked up and it began to drizzle slightly, but Deborah and Erik kept giggling to each other, happily holding each other’s hands as they said their I do’s. The ceremony was so close to being done when the rain couldn’t hold back anymore and everyone had to run and take cover under the big tent, where Rabbi Eva Goldfinger continued the ceremony and pronounced Deborah and Erik husband and wife.

Outdoor Tent Reception

Luckily, the rain did not last long into the evening and Deborah and Erik were able to start their evening reception outdoors. The skies even opened up enough to showcase a sunset that any wedding photographer would be drooling over. It was magical seeing Deborah and Erik enjoy their first dance outdoors surrounded by their closest family and friends and with the purple-orange sunset above them and yellow tent lights sparking behind them.

After a quick hair and makeup touch up and an outfit change that would allow Deborah to kick up her feet and dance late into the night, everyone came out to dance the Hora and celebrate Deborah and Erik’s marriage. The drinks and jokes were flowing all evening, and the speeches had all the guests cracking up, and with the garter finally off, all that was left to do was to party all night to the beats of DJ Chris Rhythmz. Deborah and Erik, we are so happy we could be a part of your stunning wedding. Thank you, and Mazal Tov!

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 03, 2020 Deborah & Erik

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