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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer N/A Sep 16, 2017 Cindy + Enrico

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It was a pleasure to photograph Cindy + Enrico’s beautiful, intimate wedding in Toronto’s historic Distillery District at Archeo.


Cindy and her girls had their hair and make up done in a suite at the stunning Hazelton Hotel in Toronto’s historic Yorkville neighbourhood.  After a nice lunch at the hotel, Enrico was joined by his boys to put the finishing touches on their tuxes and they all enjoyed a really fine scotch.


Everyone ready, they all piled into limo’s and Ubers for the quick trip down to Archeo for their late afternoon outdoor wedding ceremony.


The ceremony kicked off with a truly special moment when one of Cindy's son's walked her down the aisle while her other son sang for her (He's in the band Magic!).


Cindy and Enrico chose to incorporate many traditions from their own heritage into the wedding ceremony including a indigenous tradition of respecting the four cardinal directions and elements, a wind blessing spoken in Italian and an Celtic hand fastening ceremony.   They even managed to incorporate ring warming ceremony where the guests pass around the wedding bands ‘warming’ them in their hands before the bride and groom exchange them. 


Vows exchanged and their wedding sealed with a kiss, Cindy + Enrico danced with each other as they walked down the aisle as their guests showered them with bubbles.  We took full advantage of the beautiful Distillery District and a nice golden hour for some great portraits of the wedding party before returning to Archeo for a great outdoor cocktail hour.


Dinner and the reception were amazing for so many reasons… first of all were the amazing impromptu performances throughout the night by Cindy & Enrico’s friends.  Cindy is an acting teacher so they have surrounded themselves with a very talented bunch of friends who performed songs, ready poetry in Italian and toasted the couple with some really heartwarming speeches.


After giving their own speech and toasting all of their guests, Cindy + Enrico opened the dance floor with an amazing first dance and from there the party was in full swing!

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer N/A Sep 16, 2017 Cindy + Enrico

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