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Posted by Sunflowers Studios Photography on August 22nd 2009 .Comment(2)

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Wedding Photographer N/A Jul 25, 2009 Olya and Nick

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Olya and Nick tied the knot at the beautiful Riviera at Massapequa in Long Island. This was an amazing couple, and very easy to work with.

However, this was my second time working with this beautiful couple. Olya has a beautiful group of friends, her girls have know each other ever since they were children. Now, they are getting married! Olya came to me with her best friend Julie, and after a long conversation, and getting to know each other, they both booked me. Julie’s wedding came first in the MPE Penthouse in Manhattan. In a month came Olya’s wedding, and after seeing Julie’s pictures she could not wait to see hers! It was such a pleasure working in the same group of people the second time, because they were all very open to me and totally trusted me. It was a great wedding experience!!!

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Wedding Photographer N/A Jul 25, 2009 Olya and Nick

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Joe Milton September 22nd 2010 at 01:55 PM

I’m sorry that happened to you, what a nightmare! It’s a good reminder to all brides at ALL venues to not let your guard down. Weddings are often targeted by thieves because they know that there is lots of cash and valuables around, and everybody’s guard is down because of the chaos and excitement of the day. Lock up valuables in the hotel safe, be aware of your surroundings and don’t assume that everyone walking around is there as a guest. If you’re a photographer, have your assistant watch your extra equipment bags. Never leave your gear unattended. It’s easy for a thief to pick up a bag full of thousands of dollars of gear and just walk out. Hotel and venue security are notoriously lacking.

weddingday nightmare September 22nd 2010 at 01:45 PM

I had my wedding here September 2010. I couldn’t of asked for a better day all until my an hour before my reception. During my cake cutting ceremony the bridal suite was robbed. All of my cash to pay my DJ, Limo, tips were taken after all my personal belongings were emptied all over the floor. The owner told me it was my fault and accused me of lying. My whole last hour was spent with the police giving my statement, how embarrassing. It has now been two weeks and if I would have known how ignorant the staff at the Riviera was I would’ve NEVER had my wedding here. I suggest if you do, plan on letting all your guests know to watch their pocket books, belongings, cameras, etc. alond with your DJ and Photographer because I was not the first victim to be robbed from here and I am sure I will not be the last.

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