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Madrid, Spain Wedding Photographer 660990377 Mar 10, 2012 Andres & Jayson

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This was a different wedding from head to toe. The grooms got dressed together, there was nobody else around. Minutes before they start getting ready, Andres and Jayson did a final walk through around the venue to make sure everything was ready. One last minute change…and Andres was rearranging the chairs for the ceremony – he is a perfectionist and wants to be involved in everything. Meanwhile Jay was quiet, exuding security and tranquility, attentive to any request from Andres. Finally, it was time to get ready… we made it to their room. There was music in the background. The grooms were having fun… talking, shaving, jumping on the bed and even playing pillow fight games. Andres and Jayson were helping each other get dressed, putting on their cufflinks, bow-ties, making sure that they look perfect for each other.

They were finally ready. We had a car downstairs waiting to take us on a stroll around the walled city, where I was able to capture some amazing photos of the grooms. Our guide kept suggesting “typical” places where couples photograph; however, I wanted different places, I chose those unique and distinctive corners and colorful doors where I wanted to shoot. It was 3pm and it was hot, and the sun was showering us and the streets of Cartagena de Indias with beautiful light. There were not too many people in the streets, but the ones that where around were not indifferent to us.

After our photoshoot, we returned to Casa Fernandez Madrid, where relatives and friends were waiting for us at the cocktail hour. A guitarist and a girl playing a Flamenco box were entertaining, while the “palanquera” was welcoming guests. Cold and colorful drinks were being served. It was a very unique and fun atmosphere. At sunset, close to 7 pm, it was time for the ceremony. We all went to the courtyard and pool area where the ceremony was performed. Jayson left us speechless with his vows. There was not a dry eye in the house. Including myself, I couldn’t stop the tears from coming down… it was a feeling like no other. Even now, when I look back, I get goose bumps and I smile; there is so much love and happiness in this couple. Andres’ vows were also full of deep meaning and strong emotions and even funny moments, his vows transported us to the past and the future… lots of emotions and so much love.

The ceremony was followed by the reception. Again, it was different, interactive, lots of food… cold and hot food stations with regional and traditional Colombian dishes. Exquisite seafood and ceviche galore. It was almost as if the food became one more guest at the party, that guest that everyone was “talking about”. Yumm yumm! The atmosphere was cozy, the lighting was special, a few days before we had met to plan the lighting color filters, the position of the lights to make everything perfect. All the details were carefully planned, floating candles, candlesticks, rose pedals and a colorful tapas style dinner. The families words left us crying once again. It was great to see the love and support that Andres and Jayson have from their parents and siblings.

It was time to party and we moved to the dance floor located by the pool, the atmosphere was different from the ceremony, guests were ready to have fun. Lots of dancing, jumping, kissing, hugging and loving each other. The DJ did a great job and kept us dancing all night long. But a surprise was yet to emerge: The Crazy Hour: The Barranquilla Carnival arrived with a live band, masks, dancers, shots… At the end of the night, guests ended in the pool… and the party continued. It was an amazing night that will be forever remembered.

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Madrid, Spain Wedding Photographer 660990377 Mar 10, 2012 Andres & Jayson

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Rocha Fotografia September 3rd 2014 at 08:48 AM

Espectacular trabajo. Es muy grato ver el nivel de bodas y eventos que empiezan a celebrarse en Colombia. Felicitaciones por este bello reportaje. Gran trabajo.

Mark July 25th 2012 at 06:59 AM

Great repo – big congrats from me

Andres Rincon July 20th 2012 at 07:27 AM

Rocio, you are AMAZING and extremely talented! Thank you for capturing every second of our wedding weekend just as it happened.

Rocio Vega July 20th 2012 at 12:09 AM

It was a great wedding. Thank you guys for sharing it with me.

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