Aga Khan Museum Wedding Portraits And Backyard Wedding - Karol & Michael

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on December 15th 2021

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 04, 2021 Karol and Michael

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Summer Backyard Wedding

At every one of our initial meetings with our couples, we always tell our couples that as much as we’d love to spend a dedicated day hanging out with them and creating fun and creative photos with them, we fully understand that a wedding day is not a portrait session. We want our couples to enjoy everyone moment with their family and friends. When we met Karol and Michael though, they right away told us they’d like to skip their getting ready to have more time for those fun and creative portraits, and you know we had to jump at the opportunity.

The original plan was to shoot at the abandoned Barber Paper Mill, where we did Jenn and Arvin’s engagement shoot the year prior. Everyone was in love with the idea of doing wedding photos at such an unconventional and unique location. Sadly, when we went to scout the location before Karol and Michael’s wedding, the Barber Paper Mill was no longer accessible. The fencing had been reinforced all around the property due to safety concerns. With no other similar abandoned spots in the GTA and surrounding area, we moved on to plan B - the Aga Khan Museum.

Wedding Portraits at the Aga Khan Museum

Our day with Karol and Michael started at the very end of their getting ready. Soon after we arrived, Karol stepped out to greet us looking radiant in a stunning lace dress, with stunning accessories to match. A gorgeous necklace draped down her back, and a beautiful headband brought the whole outfit together. Michael took only a few minutes to get dressed, but he looked dapper as ever once all of his outfit details were in place and his laces were tied.

We started Karol and Michael’s portrait session before we even left the house. Michael had been working on the coolest mural that’s on a wall at their home. It is full of quirky and personal drawings and sayings that represent Karol and Michael’s love and friendship. Every time we look at it, we discover a new element we didn’t notice before. Diego and I had a blast creating portraits of Karol and Michael while incorporating the mural. We even managed to get it in the reflection in another one of Michael’s artworks - the Heart. So fun! :)

Once the portraits at home were done, off we went to The Aga Khan Museum with Karol and Michael and the wedding party. Although not an abandoned or ruined building by any means, its striking and magnificent architecture is a playground of lines, textures, reflections, shadows, and light. Diego and I were so excited to be back at The Aga Khan Museum again. Last time were were at The Aga Khan Museum was for Erin and Kobina’s early-Spring wedding, where cherry blossoms were in full bloom in the gardens and the weather was beautiful, however, we were limited in time for the couple and wedding party portraits. For Karol and Michael’s portraits at The Aga Khan Museum, we had the gift of time and lots of sunshine, the ideal scenario for creating unique portraits at such a unique space.

We explored all of the spaces around The Aga Khan Museum, the Gardens (aptly described by the architects as an “urban oasis”), The Ismaili Centre, and the surrounding landscape. The sun was high overhead and the sunrays beat down on the building walls, creating all sorts of shadows and lines for us to play with. I wish I could capture the level of Diego’s excitement as we played around with various light and shadow techniques. Interestingly enough, the design of the building was inspired by light, and it is meant to be seen as a celebration of light. The shape of the building and its orientation is even set so that all of its sides are exposed to the sun, and so that the sun is always creating a play between light and shadows on its white granite surface. The effect is meant to be similar to that of the sun dial, which was a real treat for us since the possibilities of creativity are endless here as the sun moves and the shadows shift.

Magical Backyard Wedding Reception

With the couple portraits and wedding party photos done, it was time for our bride and groom to cool off, rest, and make their way back home for their backyard wedding reception. Their backyard was transformed into a magical place. Lights adorned the whole space, picture frames with the most special people and moments hung from the tree, yard games had all the kids occupied, while the rest of the guests enjoyed good drinks, fantastic food, and amazing company.

Karol and Michael, we had the best time celebrating you two! Thank you so much for such an extraordinary day!

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 04, 2021 Karol and Michael

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