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Posted by Diego Moura Photography on November 9th 2021

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Aug 21, 2021 Christina and Travis

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Summer Wedding at the Eglinton West Gallery (EWG2)

Christina and Travis’ wedding at the Eglinton West Gallery, like most Covid weddings, had to be rescheduled on more than one occasion. Who knew we’d still be dealing with all these restrictions so far into 2021?! But as August of 2021 came, and restrictions were gradually being lifted, it was finally time for Christina and Travis to get married. The final day that was chosen for their wedding was August 21, which also happens to be my birthday, and Travis’ mom’s birthday as well! Let me tell you, I’ve always refused to work on my birthday, but capturing Christina and Travis’ wedding was no work for us. It was pure pleasure. Not only did we have the sweetest couple to celebrate, but we felt we were surrounded by friends while doing so. Travis’ groomsman, Sergei, is also one of our future grooms. Sergei and Natalie are getting married next year, so it was so fun to see them again, and be silly and party with them as well. The whole day, from getting ready to the party, was just such a happy happy day. We simply cannot get enough of reliving the day through their photos.

Getting Ready

Christina got ready at her family home with the help of her parents, sister, bridesmaids, and her brideman . I really love when couples get ready at their parents’ homes as the home is usually covered in family photos. We have a lot of fun incorporating those photos into the moments unfolding while the bride is getting ready. It can create very impactful and meaningful photos. At Christina’s parents’ home though, there are artworks hanging everywhere instead of family photos. Artwork created by the family, which holds a lot of meaning to them, and has a special place in Christina’s heart. We just had to incorporate them and show them off while capturing all the special moments as Christina got her hair and make up done, and as she put on her dress with the help of her sister.

Travis got ready at home with all his boys. After a few beers, a bottle of champagne, and way too much fun pretending to be Chippendale boys with their bowties, the boys were finally dressed and ready to head out to church. But they had to get one more beer in though before leaving. It’s for good luck, of course! :p

Ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church of Prophet Elias

The ceremony was held at the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of Prophet Elias. Diego and I were in absolute awe when we walked in and saw how stunning and ornate the church was. The colours are so vivid and bright, the perfect backdrop for Christina and Travis’ ceremony photos. On top of that, Father Theologos, who himself appreciates art and photography, gave us the OK to move around the church during the ceremony as we wanted (without interfering, of course), and allowed us to have a vantage point of the couple that we don’t normally get in church ceremonies. It was a real treat to be a up on the altar next to the wedding party, capturing the elaborate ritual with the Stefana crowns, one of the most important Greek wedding traditions, Christina and Travis’ smiles as they said their I do’s, and their family and friends watching and celebrating from the pews.

Christina and Travis left the church as husband and wife to a lovely rose petal toss, and were almost immediately surrounded by all the guests who wanted to congratulate the couple with all the blessings, hugs, and kisses. There was so much love that we had to peel Christina and Travis away to make sure we had enough time for their portraits at The Riverwood Conservancy.

Portraits at the Riverwood Conservancy

Once we arrived at The Riverwood Conservancy, we had to move directly into a shaded area as the sun was super harsh and everyone was melting. After some silliness and games with the wedding party, who were absolute troopers for going along with our prompts and directions with the biggest smiles despite the heat (you guys are the best!), it was time for Christina and Travis’ couple portraits. While we usually go to the MacEwan Terrace Garden and Barn to take the couple portraits, we didn't want to do a repeat of what we did here last time so we explored a different part of the Conservancy. The Chappell House and Gardens, which are actually home of The Riverwood Conservancy, was our playground for the couple portraits. We even discovered a wooded area behind The Chappell House that we were previously unaware of. Not only did it provide the much needed shade for Christina and Travis to get through their portraits, but the sun rays peaking from between the tree branches and the clouds were a ton of fun to play and experiment with.

Reception at the Eglinton West Gallery (EWG2)

With the portraits all wrapped up, at least until the evening, everyone happily got back into the air conditioned limo to head to the reception at EWG2, where food, drinks, and party were waiting. It’s always such a pleasure to photograph at the Eglinton West Gallery venues. They put so much effort in ensuring the space looks modern and fun. From the different textured walls, the 17 foot high industrial ceilings, stylish decor, and oh so many fun lights, there are so many opportunities for us to create something special for the couple at EWG2. My absolute favourite part of the venue is the giant EWG sign that greets guests as they enter. For Christina and Travis, we waited until it was pitch dark outside so we can maximize the light from the sign and the warm yellow light from the side light fixtures. Once Diego and I were all set up, we called them outside for a quick penguin pose (ask me why it’s called that for the silliest answer!) and sent them back inside before anyone could even notice they were gone. With speeches and dances all concluded by now, it was time to party, and what better way to start the party than with some high energy traditional Greek wedding dancing. Greek or not, all the guests were on their feet joining in on the dancing. As Diego and I were leaving for the night, the dance floor was still bumping. It was definitely hard to tear us away.

Christina and Travis, we had so much fun celebrating you both, and it was an honour to share my birthday with your big day!! Thank you a million!! Now we cannot wait to party with you both at Sergei and Natalie’s wedding! :D

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Aug 21, 2021 Christina and Travis

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