Jewish Outdoor Summer Wedding At The Manor - Madeline And Corey

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on November 9th 2021

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jul 20, 2021 Madeline and Corey

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Jewish Outdoor Summer Wedding at The Manor

One of our favourite parts of being wedding photographers is the connections and friendships we build with our couples. It’s even more special when those connections extend to the family and friends as well. We met Madeline and Corey a few years back at Shelby and Adam’s wedding at the Stonewall Estate, where Madeline was a bridesmaid for her sister Shelby and Corey was a groomsman for Adam. We had such a fabulous time celebrating with Shelby and Adam, where their families welcomed us with open arms, that we were absolutely thrilled when Madeline and Corey reached out to us to shoot their wedding as well. We absolutely couldn’t wait to see everyone again for a big family celebration.

Getting Ready at The Manor

When we arrived at The Manor the morning of Madeline and Corey’s wedding, the room where all the girls were getting ready was full of people running around and catching up with friends they haven’t seen over the Covid period. It was amazing seeing familiar faces from Shelby and Adam’s wedding. We felt right at home.

While the girls were already in full swing getting their hair and makeup done, the guys took a lot longer to arrive and get started. Turns out, Corey had been in and out of the hospital the entire long weekend right before his wedding with kidney stones. Yep, kidney stones. Ouch! But no amount of pain could keep Corey away from his own wedding. He insisted that he will make it no matter what, and make it he did! We would have never known that he was in any state of discomfort had they not told us. He got ready quickly, and seemingly effortlessly, thanks to all his groomsmen by his side and everyone helping one another polish off their outfits. Corey looked ever so dapper in his checkered grey suit and absolutely killed it while posing for his portraits, kidney stones and all!

As we were finishing up Corey’s portraits, Madeline slipped into her stunning wedding gown just in time for their first look right by the pond outside The Manor.

First Look and Portraits at The Manor

Normally, when Diego and I organize a first look, we position the groom with his back to the bride as she makes her way over to him before he turns around to see her, however, Madeline and Corey wanted to see each other in their wedding outfits for the first time at the exact same time. We had to get a bit creative and strategize. We first brought out Madeline and had her waiting patiently by the pond with her hands covering her eyes. Corey was next and we positioned him so they were back to back to each other. They held hands as they whispered and giggled with each other, until they both finally turned around and got the biggest smiles on their faces. It was the perfect way to start their portrait session.

We split their portrait session into two parts since the afternoon sun was just too harsh. We took advantage of every shaded spot by the pond and the patio at The Manor, and then we headed indoors to play with some lights and shadows. And of course we had to come back for more portraits by the pond once the sun was setting. The golden colours in the sky created a stunning light display as they reflected in the pond.

Jewish Ceremony at The Manor

Madeline and Corey’s Jewish ceremony started with the bekeden, the veiling of the bride by her groom, and it was followed by the signing of the ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract. Once Corey covered Madeline’s face with the veil and the Rabbi blessed them, it was time for the actual wedding ceremony under the Chuppah. Madeline looked like an absolute dream with her veil and dress trailing behind her as she made her way to the ceremony where her parents were waiting to meet her and walk her down the aisle. It was a stunning day for an outdoor ceremony, and Madeline and Corey couldn’t have chosen a better spot for their wedding than The Manor with the gazebo, pond, and manicured golf course as their backdrop. Plus we really loved having that higher vantage point so we could show off the space and all the guests gathered to celebrate the two families coming together.

Reception at The Manor

With Madeline and Corey now officially married, it was time to party. The reception kicked off with the horah, the traditional dance where Madeline and Corey were lifted up on chairs, while each held one end of a napkin to represent their union. Their family and friends danced around them, whooping and hollering with excitement. The energy at Madeline and Corey’s wedding was unreal. With every speech and every dance, Madeline and Corey were beaming with so much joy. And with every song from the phenomenal live band, the guests were out their seats dancing the night away. What a party!

Huge shoutout and thank you to the phenomenal team at Fab Fete Event Planning Boutique who planned this perfect day. You were a dream to work with!!

Madeline and Corey, it was such an honour to celebrate you with all your family and friends. Thank you so much for having us be a part of your big day. What a wedding!

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jul 20, 2021 Madeline and Corey

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