The Carvers Cottage Wedding - Reena And Jeff

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on August 7th 2021

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 26, 2020 Reena & Jeff

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The Carvers Cottage Wedding

Reena and Jeff’s intimate fall ceremony wedding at The Carvers Cottage had us swooning from the moment we drove onto the long winding rode taking us deep into the exquisite 35-acre family-run property where a stunning outdoor chapel/covered bridge and a picturesque bridal cabin, along with gorgeous turquoise ponds and wildflower fields, lay nestled among the woods. Wood carvings and sculptures created by Sandra and Luke Andrews, the owners of The Carvers Cottage, adorn the property and add a whimsical charm to the place. We couldn’t wait for Reena and Jeff to say their I Do’s and to go off exploring this stunning property together! But before we could do that, there was just the small matter of getting dressed and getting everything set up for the ceremony.

Getting Ready at the Carvers Cottage

Jeff got ready at home with his boys, where after some good food, a couple of drinks, and lots of laughs, it was time to get dressed and figure out how to tie those pesky ties (once again, YouTube to the rescue!). The guys were also tasked with bringing and setting up the cake and all the decor by the outdoor chapel at The Carvers Cottage, which they got done in no time, but as they were waiting for the ladies to finish getting ready, the icing on the cake started to melt in the heat of the sun and the MRS. balloon decided to float away and leave the boys with a lonely single MR. balloon. Reena and Jeff, being the awesome selves that they are took it in stride and laughed it off because all that really mattered at the end of the day was that they were getting married!

When the boys arrived at The Carvers Cottage and were making their way to the outdoor chapel, I was super worried we’ll cross paths with Reena and her bridesmaids who were getting ready at the bridal cabin. While the cabin is right next to the chapel and a path leads brides directly from the cabin to the chapel, it is completely hidden among the trees offering tons of privacy in the most picturesque setting. Diego went gaga over the views and all the window and mirror reflections he had to play with.

Outdoor Chapel Ceremony at The Carvers Cottage

The intimate ceremony was attended by only the closest of family and friends, but by the beaming faces of everyone there you could truly feel the joy and love surrounding Reena and Jeff as they tied the knot and rang the wedding bell under the covered bridge. As they walked away hand in hand as husband and wife, they were practically skipping as their family and friends cheered them on.

Portraits at The Carvers Cottage

Following the ceremony, and the family and wedding party photos, it was finally time to go off on a couple portrait adventure with Reena and Jeff while exploring the property together. Thankfully Luke was there to guide us as we would have never found some of these spots if it weren’t for him (and probably Reena wouldn’t have made it up to the wildflower field in her heels if it weren’t for the gulf cart he brought out).

It’s definitely clear how much love and time Luke and Sandra have put into The Carvers Cottage. The property is immaculate and well thought out, with tons of charming spots with scenic photo opportunities. Luke even helped Reena and Jeff into a flower-adorned row boat for a romantic boat ride around the lily pond. What more could we ask for? It was a wedding photographer’s dream!

Big thank you to Luke and Sandra for sharing their love and passion for The Carvers Cottage with us, and a huge thank you to Reena and Jeff for the most beautiful day!! We cannot wait to see you for Part 2 in 2021!

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Sep 26, 2020 Reena & Jeff

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