Golden Hour Magic: David And Jen's Sunrise Engagement Session At Samuel Smith Park

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on March 15th 2024

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jun 29, 2023 David and Jen

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Getting Ready For The Sunrise Session

Ah, the adventure of capturing love in all its forms! So, picture this: David and Jen, seeking warmth for their engagement shoot, ended up on a rollercoaster ride with Mother Nature. But hey, what's a love story without a few unexpected twists, right?

They had their hearts set on Samuel Smith Park, a slice of serenity in Mississauga, where they often wander with their furry sidekicks, Mason and Atreus. But, alas, the weather deities weren't cooperating, leading to more reschedules than a sitcom pilot.

Enter Jen's stroke of brilliance: why not greet the day with open arms and cameras? Sunrise sessions may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for this duo, it was like discovering a hidden treasure chest of magical moments.

As a photographer, this was music to my shutter-clicking ears! I live for those moments when clients dare to break free from the ordinary. Plus, adding Mason and Atreus to the mix? Genius move! Because let's face it, nothing melts hearts faster than a couple in love with their furry pals in tow.

In the end, it wasn't just about capturing pictures; it was about freezing memories in time, with a side of sunrise and a sprinkle of puppy love. Ah, the stuff that dreams (and unforgettable engagement shoots) are made of!


The Sunrise Session

So, imagine this: we all agreed to meet up at Samuel Smith Park's parking lot at the crack of dawn – 5:30 am sharp. We didn't want to miss a single second of that breathtaking sunrise, slated for 6 am.

True to form, David and Jen's furry buddies, Mason and Atreus, were already wide awake, tails wagging like crazy. But before we let the pups loose, I wanted to snap some sweet moments between the lovebirds.

The first light of dawn is like a masterpiece painted by nature, splashed with shades of pink, orange, and gold. With Toronto's skyline in the background, I told David and Jen to chill and just enjoy the view. Despite some initial camera shyness, a few jokes and some gentle nudges got them feeling comfy in no time.

And then came the big moment: Mason and Atreus joined the party. These furballs weren't just pets; they were family. Their arrival brought even bigger smiles to David and Jen's faces, showing off their love for their furry pals in every shot.

Before we knew it, the sunrise colours started to fade, but not before we snapped some pure magic by the water and along the park's trails. I'm all about giving my clients loads of choices, and this shoot was no exception. From cozy cuddles to playful antics, we had a bunch of cute and creative pics to pick from.

Wedding Photographer Contact Information

Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jun 29, 2023 David and Jen

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