Four Questions You Should NOT Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Posted by Admin on April 10th 2018

Being a top-notch wedding photographer requires skill, a keen photographic eye and abiding love for working with people. Week in and week out, ISPWP photographers prep their gear, charge their batteries and go out to make beautiful wedding photos for their clients. Like the postal carriers, neither wind nor rain nor sleet or snow keeps them from producing great photos.

Being a wedding photographer means you must learn to roll with the punches because wedding days can be stressful and unpredictable. On a wedding day, photographers work through almost any conditions to make sure their clients get everything they ask for. But, there are a few things they’d rather you not ask for, and here’s why:

Can You Make Me Thinner/Taller/Better Looking In My Wedding Photos?
Photographers are artists, but they are not magicians! Through careful posing and lighting, they can help reduce areas or do poses that show off your best side, but they cannot completely alter your body structure. The best photos are of people who are enjoying themselves because that’s when the magic happens. Try to let go of the imperfections and embrace how beautiful you are together on your wedding day. If you are very bothered by your features after the photos are done, you can request retouching services, but prepared to pay an additional fee.

Can I Have ALL the Photos You Take, Unedited?
Photographers know why you ask this; because you’re afraid that they will delete out a photo that you might want. However, entirely the opposite is true. In the editing process photographers are editing out technically imperfect photos or particularly unflattering photos (blinks, weird facial expressions, etc.) and keep in all of the good stuff. Asking them to give you all the photos, unedited, is like asking an author if you can have all the notes and discarded passages from the writing process but not the final book itself. Trust your photographer to deliver only the best of the best to tell your story.

Can You Recreate This Photo I Saw on Pinterest?
Pinterest is great for inspiration, and most photographers don’t mind seeing what you have pinned to see what photos stir your soul. But asking them to recreate something that another photographer created is a no-no for most. First, it’s dancing on the edges of copyright infringement, second, it's unlikely that the location, weather, and lighting will be the same as what you saw in Pinterest, and third, they want to create unique and beautiful images that are representative of YOUR day, not somebody else's!

If It’s Raining Outside Can You Make It Look Like It’s Not Raining?
While there may be some creative ways to take photos that don’t showcase the pouring down rain, there’s no way to turn those gray skies to blue through photography. If rain is forecast on your wedding day talk to your photographer about alternatives such as bringing colorful umbrellas or going to another indoor location that is great for photos.

ISPWP photographers love to hear from you! If you’re looking for a creative, passionate photographer to capture your upcoming wedding day look through our directory and find one near you. Contact them and let them know you found them on ISPWP!

Photo by Leaha Bourgeois | Popography | Newark, New Jersey

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