Do You Need To Feed Your Wedding Photographer? ISPWP Answers The Saucy Chicken Question.

Posted by Admin on October 15th 2017

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. One of the things that engaged couples are often concerned about is what the right etiquette is for feeding their wedding photographer. Should you feed your wedding photographer, or is it OK to assume they are responsible for their own food on your wedding day?

Wedding Days are Long Days
Unless you are having a very short wedding, your photographer will likely be working for 8-10 hours (or more) on your wedding day. This time does not include the preparations they may have made the morning of your wedding and driving to and from your wedding. Wedding photography is a physically and mentally taxing job, requiring them to carry heavy gear and think quickly on their feet for the whole day. To make sure they stay on their feet, photographers need to eat at some point during the long day. For photographers, eating is more about “refueling” so they can make sure to be on top of all of the activates they need to capture on a wedding day. If you’re concerned about them missing things because they are off eating in another room, it’s a common practice for venues to set them at a vendor table with your guests in the same location. This allows them to eat but still have time to get up and grab their cameras if something spontaneous happens during the dinner.

Check Your Contract
Many photographers will include their meal requirements in their contract, but not all will. If you are unsure, then just ask! Standard practice is to ask for a meal served at the same time as the bridal couple so they are not getting their meal just as the dinner is ending and dancing is about to start. It’s the perfect time for a photography break because most couples are not concerned about getting pictures of them eating dinner. 

Talk to your Venue Coordinator
The venue coordinator or catering director can give you an idea of what they usually for vendors, particularly for photographers and videographers. Ask about the option of a “vendor meal” which may be offered at lower cost. This may be the same meal that is served to your guests at a discount, or it may be a different entrée altogether. Some venues have rules about this, so it’s good to know this before the wedding to avoid any awkward exchanges during the dinner.

When is it Ok not to Feed?
If your photographer is working a short day such as covering your ceremony but not your reception, you do not have to invite them to the dinner. A good rule of thumb with any vendor is that if they are expected to work during your reception, you should feed them.

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(Photo by Daniele Vertelli, Florence, Italy wedding photographer)

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