The Essential Guide To Wedding Albums
Posted by Shandro Photo on February 18th 2012 · Comments (11)

Today’s guest article is from Haley Shandro of Shandro Photo. Haley is an Edmonton, Alberta Wedding Photographer and multiple award winning ISPWP member. Haley is also the founder of Salt And Pepper Album Design, an album design company for wedding and boudoir photographers specializing in a clean classic style The Essential Guide to Wedding Albums   When you fir...

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5 Survival Tips For Winter Wedding And Engagement Photos
Posted by Jason Kaczorowski Photography on December 19th 2011 · Comments (2)

5 Survival Tips for Winter Wedding and Engagement Photos   Countless couples choose to get married throughout the winter months and enjoy the advantage of the off-season discounts, greater venue and vendor availability, less expensive honeymoons and the multitude of seasonal decoration ideas. Many also favor bundling up for their engagement portraits to capture the winter...

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Wedding Portraits After The Reception – A New Trend?
Posted by FunkyTown Photography on November 16th 2011 · Comments (4)

Lately I’ve noticed a new trend emerging in wedding photography. Many couples are opting to spend more time with their wedding guests by taking their wedding portraits at night after the reception or during the dinner hour. If you have guests coming in from all over the world – or the country – you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with them. Takin...

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Five Tips For Brides To Have Wonderful Pictures On Her Wedding Day
Posted by Estúdio Depaula on October 30th 2011 · Comments (1)

All brides want wonderful pictures of their wedding day. Here are five easy tips for better wedding photos. 1) Avoid Looking at the Camera (Unless your photographer asks you to) Have you ever wondered why you don’t see actors looking directly into the camera in the movies? One of the reasons is to give the impression that the camera is “invisible.” So, watching...

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Should You See Each Other Prior To Your Ceremony?
Posted by Holland Photo Arts on July 2nd 2011 · Comments (2)

When meeting with our clients to plan the photography for their wedding, a key part of the planning includes the question: Should the couple see each other before the ceremony? Modern weddings sometimes conform to tradition, yet more couples are finding their own paths that work best for them and their guests. The bottom line is there is no one right or wrong answer to this&ndash...

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Best Wedding Photography Of 2010 – ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images
Posted by ISPWP Admin on December 31st 2010 · Comments (8)

The ISPWP holds a members-only wedding photography contest four times a year. Each contest has 20 different categories, so over the four quarterly contests that adds up to 80 First Place winners for the entire year. Here is a look back at ALL of the 1st place winning images from 2010. NOTE: The images are in order of category and contest, they are all number one category winners....

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Uncle Bob Vs. A Professional Wedding Photographer
Posted by ISPWP Admin on August 21st 2010 · Comments (43)

We like Uncle Bob. We really do. He’s a great guy and everyone loves being around him. He tells great jokes and can even do a few magic tricks at parties. He’s the guy we all look forward to seeing at Thanksgiving. Uncle Bob rocks. But what do you say if he offers to photograph your wedding? It sounds pretty good. He has a really expensive camera, and he says th...

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A Bride’s Guide To Destination Wedding Photography
Posted by FunkyTown Photography on June 24th 2010 · Comments (14)

A destination wedding can be both the easiest and most difficult way to have a wedding. It’s easy because you and your guests get to leave town and celebrate while on vacation. It’s difficult because you’re organizing everything from a distance, including hiring a photographer. That’s why it can be daunting to find the right fit for your wedding. I travel ...

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Go Exploring: The Top Photo Spots You Never Knew Existed
Posted by Decisive Moment Photojournalists By Glen Cooper on May 10th 2010 · Comments (1)

When you’re posing for photos, whether they’re at your wedding or your engagement shoot, there are a number of traditional, not-to-be-missed shots. Maybe it’s your groom dipping you in front of an area landmark, or a sweeping vista from the roof, featuring the newlyweds. But lots of couples get those kinds of shots. Take a second look at the area where you’re...

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Wedding Photojournalism – It’s A Long Story
Posted by A J Williams Photography on March 4th 2010 · Comments (0)

Wedding Photojournalism – It’s a Long Story Wedding photography is a tricky business. It is virtually unique among the various services which make up the wedding industry insofar as it is, on the one hand, arguably the most important service which a couple will engage, and on the other, the one service about which clients may understand relatively little. I stress ...

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