Should You Participate In Photography Contests?
Posted by Dennis Berti on April 10th 2016 · Comments (3)

Should You Participate in Photography Contests? Many photographers have asked me why I participate in photography contests. Do I do it for photographers or customers, or for my ego? The reasons are several and none is more important than another, so here they are in no particular order: 1) Better SEO. From the point of view of SEO, an association website with a Google page ran...

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The Colour Of Love - Trash The Dress Session | Punta Cana Wedding Photographer
Posted by Georges Gurascier - GGGPHOTO on April 6th 2016 · Comments (0)

We had the privilege of doing the first colourful Trash the dress in the Dominican Republic. Come in and take a look at the pictures that reflects the fun we had doing this challenging post-wedding photo session. This is not the typical trash the dress photosession you will see, water was only used to hydrate our bodies and maybe being in the background of some of the pictures. W...

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Fotógrafo Dá 10 Dicas Sobre Fotografia De Casamento Para Noivas
Posted by Guilherme Antunes on January 22nd 2016 · Comments (0)

Casamentos desplugados: é preciso proibir convidados de fotografar cerimônia? Por: Guilherme Antunes Uma nova tendência em casamentos começa a despontar no Brasil: os casamentos desplugados.  Se antes a proibição do uso de celulares nas cerimônias era só coisa de celebridade, hoje o ato é cada vez ...

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Posted by Thanasis Papadopoulos - Ap Photography on October 8th 2015 · Comments (2)

Athanasios Papadopoulos "ap photography" MB: +30 6944 851 861 Email: Web1: Web2: Blog: Skype: oo30athanasios Wedding Photography, styles and aesthetics Photography is the only medium with which your wedding day will sti...

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Interpreting Wedding Photography Pricing And Packages – A Guide For Engaged Couples
Posted by FunkyTown Photography on February 18th 2015 · Comments (6)

After working as a wedding photographer since 2005, one of the most common questions I’m asked is about how I create my packages and prices. I realize since this is usually the first time a couple has ever hired a photographer it can be very confusing to understand wedding photography lingo. I put together this article to help you understand the language we as photographers us...

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Tips For Tropical Weddings From An Expert Coordinator In Costa Rica
Posted by FunkyTown Photography on February 18th 2015 · Comments (1)

I’ve spent the last four years photographing some beautiful destination weddings in Costa Rica, often teaming up with one of the world’s best wedding coordinators, Larissa Banting from Weddings Costa Rica. I’ve seen first-hand how an expert wedding coordinator can ensure couples and their guests have the best wedding possible, especially with all of the additional ...

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Best Wedding Photography Of 2014 – ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images
Posted by ISPWP Admin on January 5th 2015 · Comments (10)

The ISPWP holds a members-only wedding photography contest four times a year. Each contest has 20 different categories, so over the four quarterly contests that adds up to 80 First Place winners for the entire year. Here is a look back at ALL 80 1st place winning images published in 2014.

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Barbara Zanon Wins 2 Silver Medals At IPA 2014
Posted by Barbara Zanon Studio on December 12th 2014 · Comments (0)

A panel of high-level (some names: David Clarke, Tate, Susan Baraz, Stacy Baker of The New York Times, Alison Castle of Taschen, Phil Coomes editor at the BBC, Juan Curto of Camera Obscura, Ken Geiger and Todd James of National Geographic Rob Haggart, Kristina Hicks of Saatchi + Saatchi, Sofia Lahti, Liz Lapp, Frank Maresca, Lesley Martin of Aperture Foundation, Paul Moakley photo e...

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How To Choose Your Wedding Location For Bride And Groom Portraits
Posted by Alt Wedding Studio on November 14th 2014 · Comments (1)

One of the questions that couples often ask me is what would be the best location for the “Couple Pictures” or “Bride and Groom Portraits” on the day of their wedding. I offer many different options which will of course depend on a bride’s and groom’s personal preference, the theme of their wedding and what place they would feel more comfortabl...

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Tips On Winning International Wedding Photography Competitions
Posted by Cloverimage on October 31st 2014 · Comments (1)

I have been recently selected as one of the judges for The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) competition. It was an honor to judge thousands of awesome wedding photos from all over the world. The whole judging experience has been inspirational. By viewing those competition photos, I got to share so many wonderful wedding moments in different coun...

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