Engagement Photo Shoot In Venice
Posted by Matteo Braghetta Wedding Photographer on January 25th 2020

Venice is a magical city: different form any other in the world, offers beautiful spots for you engagement photo shoot. Many couples come to Venice for their engagement or honeymoon photo shoot, or for their wedding proposal. I'll guide my couples through the discovery of numerous wonderful views, far from the traditional tourist routes, leaving the crowd and dive into the...

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Engagement Photo Shoot In Florence
Posted by Duesudue on January 24th 2020

Tuscany is perhaps one of the most romantic places in the world. Nature, art, good food and wine make it a magical place where you can spend romantic time. The sun almost always shines in spring and summer, and when you want to immerse yourself in nature, the Chianti region, a few kilometers from Florence and Siena, offers great emotions. For these reasons, an engagment in Tuscany c...

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Wedding Ceremony Ideas
Posted by Penny Photographics on September 3rd 2019

So you’re planning your wedding, and it’s time to consider wedding ceremony ideas. Well, the good news is this ain’t your grandmother’s wedding – you can get creative! Or, you could have the same ceremony as your grandmother because it’s beautiful and meaningful – and that’s the point. Wedding ceremony ideas are about wh...

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Tips For Planning Your Destination Wedding Like A Pro
Posted by Ilumina Studios on January 8th 2019

Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding Like A Pro It’s time to embark of the adventure of making your dreams wedding a reality, but where to begin? There are vital things to consider when organizing a destination wedding, and we are going to examine the best ways to be proactive and get ahead of them!  Read on to learn best practices about how to keep the proces...

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Top 10 Considerations When Hiring A Wedding Photographer
Posted by Carina Photographics on March 2nd 2018

Welcome to the wild and sometimes crazy world of wedding planning! I would like to share a helpful roadmap full of some insider tips about the top 10 things to consider when looking to hire a wedding photographer: 1. PORTFOLIO: This first one is a given. You are drawn to photos that you like, of course. Make sure to really look through the wedding photographer’s images and ...

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Engagement Photo Shoot In Puerto Vallarta
Posted by Julien Leveau - Wedding Photography on February 20th 2018

Proposing to someone is a big deal. A one in a lifetime moment that will probably determine the rest of your life. For such occasion, immortalizing the moment with still photography is a must and Puerto Vallarta is filled with great locations to do so. South Shore and pristine water Puerto Vallarta is mostly known for the warmth of its people and the incredible sunsets over Ba...

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Maldives Wedding Photographer Phaisalphotos
Posted by Phaisalphotos on December 13th 2017

I am bringing astounding creativity and a personality sure to brighten your sunny day in Maldives, making it all possible through a deep understanding of film and technology. I dive into every project I take with all of my heart, with a focus on bringing not just images into your films, but sound, emotions, and true energy. It allows us to create personalized hand-crafted films that...

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Are You Ready For The Big One?
Posted by Marcel & Meher Siegle Photography on December 10th 2017

From hundred year floods, (which now seem to happen every other year), to raging wild fires in the West, devastating hurricanes in the East and super tornadoes in the Heartland, we have seen a substantial uptick in natural disasters in the last two decades. Only two months ago a natural disaster personally affected my family. My wife, daughter and I had to evacuate in...

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UK Wedding Photography Workshops
Posted by Paulo Santos - Photographer on November 29th 2017

Constellation. A UK Wedding Photography Workshop – A unique 2 day wedding photography gathering focusing on real tangible change and progression. CONSTELLATION NO.2 – 22nd + 23rd March 2018 / Newcastle upon Tyne / £495 (15 Seats) Constellation Workshop Registration - click here After the success of Constellation No.1, our first worshop, we are de...

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When Will My Wedding Photos Be Ready? Understanding A Photographer’s Editing Process
Posted by Admin on July 28th 2017

In the days of film photography, wedding photographers all over the world took their rolls of film to the photo lab on Monday, and a few weeks later received a box of prints, perfectly balanced and color corrected. Fast forward to the digital age, a photographer loads the digital files into their computer and begins processing thousands of images for their clients. The photographer ...

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