Would You Like Spectacular Pictures Taken Outside Of Your Place Of Origin?

Posted by MSVFOTOGRAFIA on November 16th 2016

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Photographer

http://www.msvfotografia.com alimarc@gmail.com +52 1 3332017214

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Would you like spectacular pictures taken outside of your place of origin?

Sometimes, the problem for a session of super pictures is obviously money, since a photographer can charge a lot to take your pictures at the beach.  In our case, we have opted to address this dilemma by taking advantage during your honeymoon, and take your pictures there. 

How does it work?

A location can cost you anywhere from $500 dollars to $1,500 dollars and they rent you that place per hour, or they give a package based on a certain amount of hours.  But when there is a flight deal, and you purchase your trip in advance, it is much cheaper.  Therefore, it is more feasible to invest in an extra flight ticket, so that the pictures can be more spectacular and outside out of your place of origin, when you take your photographer to your honeymoon location and your pictures will be incredible.

If you do not have the financial means necessary to take your photographer to your honeymoon, think of a magical place where you would like your pictures taken, and that would be the location where you would purchase a round-trip for your photographer, so that he/she can take the pictures and return. 

Photographer Contact Information

Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Photographer

http://www.msvfotografia.com alimarc@gmail.com +52 1 3332017214

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Photographer Bio

My name is Marcos Sánchez Valdez and I have been a photographer since 2007. Like many, I began taking pictures as a hobby, but with time, I became more enthralled with photography, until I realized that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


I began studying at CAAV (University of Audiovisuals) because I was determined to learn more about photography.  


Therefore, one day I decided to leave everything for this dream, to be able to do what I am most passionate about and I left my job, determined to become a dedicated photographer 100%. 



I have greatly focused in wedding photography and I believe that we have to prepare ourselves for everything, always with the best, so that I may offer quality services and standout in the world of photography. 



Photography is my passion and I try to reflect that the moment I click.  


Feedback and mentorships are important in the growth as a photographer and I have had the fortune of being the student of

Carlos Alonso Pedraza. ( Photographer of Querétaro) Through his guidance, I have had the fortune to assist a workshop with

Marcos Valdes (Photographer of Queretaro),

David Josué (Photographer of Los cabos)

Ben Olivares (Photographer of Jalisco) 

Pedro Cabrera y Andrea Giraldo; two of the best Fearless photographers of the world (Europe)

I will assist this workshop in the month of March in NYC Asistiré a este WorkShop en el mes de Marzo en NYC

 Ed PeersJesh de Rox & Gabe Mcclintock (USA)


I am proud to have been born in Mexico City and 12 years ago, have been adopted by the State of Jalisco. I am a husband and father of two amazing young men.   Orgulloso de ser nacido en el Distrito federal y adoptado por jalisco desde hace 12 años, Esposo y Padre de 2 maravillosos hijos.


Some recognitions I’ve been fortunate to receive are:

Algunos reconocimientos que he tenido la fortuna de tener son:

·       El México de los Mexicanos (2009),

·       Festival de Cannes (2009),

·       Guadalajara y sus Bicis (2009)

·       Sony World Photography Awards (2010).

·       Exposición en Plaza Universidad en el Centro de Guadalajara “Guadalajara de Noche” patrocinada por la secretaría de cultura de Zapopan (2011).

·       UNICEF Publicación de una foto, en “10 por la Infancia”

·       Colaboración en el Libro “Memoria Electoral” del IEPC Jalisco (2013)

·       Fotografia del libro “Mas que Elecciones” del IEPC Jalisco (2013)

·       Exposición Compartida en "Arte Talento" del 15 de Junio al 15 de Julio de 2013

·       Campaña Publicitaria del Cielo Country Club (2014)

·       Fotografia Andares para LIFe and Style Made in Jalisco Edición 136 (2016)




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