5 Survival Tips For Winter Wedding And Engagement Photos

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5 Survival Tips for Winter Wedding and Engagement Photos


Countless couples choose to get married throughout the winter months and enjoy the advantage of the off-season discounts, greater venue and vendor availability, less expensive honeymoons and the multitude of seasonal decoration ideas. Many also favor bundling up for their engagement portraits to capture the winter wonderland that awaits them outdoors.

Here are a few tips to making the most of your winter wedding and engagement photographs:

1. Adjust the Schedule to Have More Daylight
After daylights savings takes effect in October, outdoor photographs may become challenging as it tends to get darker sooner. It typically gets darker during the day so it’s best to plan your ceremony earlier if you would like to plan to get photos outdoors and aren’t planning on seeing one another before your service. It’s best to arrange for your ceremony to conclude by 2pm if you would like to capture family portraits indoors while still having reasonable time to capture photos outside. Likewise, engagement photos should be captured in the morning or early afternoon to catch the best sunlight.

2. Remember That Bad Weather = Bad Traffic
Leave extra time for travel. Reduced visibility combined with wet or snow-covered roads may create slower travel times than initially anticipated. Allowing for extra travel time will make your day less stressful because you will be less rushed and will feel secure in knowing everyone will arrive safely. If your wedding day arrives and the weather is perfect you will have additional time for more photos or time to freshen up before greeting guests during cocktails.

3. Dress for the Worst Weather Case Scenario
Treat your feet to winter boots and bring an extra pair of socks just in case. The bride’s dress, combined with the snow on the ground, will cover her boots in photos. Choosing to not wear boots will shorten the amount of time spent outdoors and potentially ruin your formal footwear. A pair of sweatpants can be worn under a dress to keep ladies legs warm. Shawls or wraps can be created to match your existing bridal gowns and will help keep necks, backs, arms and hands warm. Matching mittens, hats and scarves are a creative way to bundle up in winter and look fashionable in your photos. Don’t forget an umbrella in case snow turns to sleet or rain. When your portraits are finished, enjoy thermoses of eggnog, spiced wine or hot chocolate with family and friends.

4. Engagement Sessions Locations – Look for Public Decorations and Lights
Look for locations that feature dramatic holiday light displays to create a colorful ambiance in your photos. Some public parks and zoos cater to the holiday crowds by providing enchanting illuminations. Train stations often decorate for the holidays and allow for fun photos featuring holiday shoppers passing in a blur of motion with bags in hand.

5. Wedding Location Ideas
The intimate warmth of a historic mansion or a charming Bed & Breakfast can provide a great backdrop for your wedding with a roaring fire in the background for family photos. If you’re looking to capturing portraits outdoors consider a location that would allow you to also move inside quickly if the weather becomes unbearable. Conservatories with outdoor gardens often provide indoor locations within a short walk. Choosing from these locations for your reception may add the extra money-saving advantage of including seasonal decorations at no additional cost. Hotels often provide spectacular holiday displays featuring Christmas trees, wreaths and garland. These are often featured in their lobby where guests check in and out so seek permission to capture portraits in these spaces and assure there are no plans for large conventions or other corporate parties that may hinder your ability to create portraits without patrons in the background of your photos.

Did you have tips for Winter Wedding and Engagement Photos? Leave your comments at the bottom of the page!

Photographer Contact Information

Chicago, Illinois Photographer

http://www.jasonkaczorowski.com jason@jasonkaczorowski.com 312-671-7678

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