How To Choose Your Wedding Location For Bride And Groom Portraits

Posted by Alt Wedding Studio on November 14th 2014

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One of the questions that couples often ask me is what would be the best location for the “Couple Pictures” or “Bride and Groom Portraits” on the day of their wedding.

I offer many different options which will of course depend on a bride’s and groom’s personal preference, the theme of their wedding and what place they would feel more comfortable to shoot their most emotional and romantic pictures.

Some people are uncertain of their choices when it comes to choosing a special location, and I can always suggest a good spot in the city, perhaps not far from their home.

There are many different factors that can influence your choice of a spot for a couple photoshoot. For example, weather conditions, timing, location of the couple’s reception hall, whether it is in the city or outside the town.

Usually the couple needs an hour or two in order to shoot their pictures after the ceremony, but again it all depends on each couple and how many hours they need in order to be on time for their reception.

Ideally, couple pictures are associated with their love story, a special place where they met or perhaps where they got engaged or simply loved spending their romantic time together. Think of a cozy cafe or a restaurant.

However, the main types of locations to photograph couple pictures are the city and its historical or modern spots, a park with beautiful fountains and picturesque landscapes. Also, some people prefer the out of town locations, such as golf courses, wineries, and other places located in the nature.

Let’s discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the aforementioned locations.

The city has many benefits and endless possibilities to shoot the couple pictures.There are many variations to find interesting spots like cafes, buildings with architectural staircases, town squares, historical monuments and arches. In any city you can always find a good place to hide from the rain, because one can never predict the weather!

The only disadvantage of photographing in the city from my personal experience, is that sometimes it’s overcrowded with people and tourists during the summer, and it’s not easy to find a parking spot.

If a couple decides to choose the nature over the city to shoot their couple pictures, (golf course or a park), the main advantages of photographing in the nature are the beautiful landscapes, fresh air, more space and in some cases the romantic sunsets. But you cannot escape anywhere in case if it rains and the bride could smudge her wedding gown.

One of the main factors that should be considered when choosing a spot for a couple photo shoot is time. If you can’t manage to organize it on your wedding day, for example your reception is 50km away from the town, but you definitely want to do your couple pictures in the city, we can always schedule the ‘Love Story’ photoshoot for another day at your special place that you prefer.

When choosing a spot for your couple pictures you should always think ahead, have an alternative strategy and plan everything according to your wedding day schedule. Always discuss it with your photographer in advance so you will not have any surprises on your wedding day.

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