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The Secret Life of Wedding Photographers

What do Wedding Photographers Really Do?

It comes up a lot. Usually when I’m standing in the buffet line for dinner, or when there’s a slow time during the day when I’m not taking pictures.

“So you’re the photographer?”

“Yessir, I am, and I absolutely love it.”

“Well I don’t doubt it. You’re doing a great job out there. It must be great to work only one day a week!”

I hear similar stories from other wedding photographers. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions regarding what wedding photographers actually do all week. It’s perfectly understandable, after all, the only time most people see us working is at the wedding. So I thought it would be interesting to survey wedding photographers and discover what they really do besides take pictures every weekend. Hopefully it will help clear up some misconceptions and give some insight into what goes on behind the scenes after we leave the reception.

About 50 wedding photographers responded so it’s a fairly good sample size, and I’d be surprised if a larger response would yield a much different result.

The Perception

How some people think wedding photographers spend their time (and how some photographers WISHED they could spend their time):

The Perception

The Reality

How wedding photographers REALLY spend their time:

The Reality

We clearly spend more time in front of our computers than behind our cameras, which is a sign of these digital times.

Photographers, does that sound about right? If you think we’re way off or if we missed anything, let us know in the comments.


Here are some exerpts from some of the responses that were sent back from the survey:

Verna Pitts Photography Bosworth StudioJan Garcia Photography

Karen E. Segrave Abbey Portrait StudioMetropolitan Imageworks

Fritz Photography Gino Siller PhotographyLightside Photography

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  1. True indeed!!!! There is a lot that we wedding photographers do that the most clients don’t know gets done to deliver amazing photos.
    Great share..

  2. Patrick says:

    I truly feel that professional wedding photographers are a must for every wedding. The kind of services a wedding photographer delivers depends on his/her photography skills and experience.

  3. Pink Genius says:

    Nice wedding photography info! Thanks a lot!

  4. I have deep passion on Photography. I like wedding photo specially. This article is really good. Please send me related article link if you have. Thanks in advance.

  5. Professional wedding photographers are truly very important in every wedding all over the world. We may sometimes see them as people who are all over the place taking shots of the bride and the groom during their big day. What they do is very daunting; taking the best shot to capture amazing photos around all the people is not easy. Some south Asian wedding photographer Toronto are using all their skills and talent to give couples the best memories of the day they said their “I DOs”.

  6. bridalsafari says:

    hi its a nice post about wedding photography..thanks for sharing.

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