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Poznań, Poland Wedding Photographer
Poznań, Poland Wedding Photographer - Fotograf Wielkopolska

Fotograf Wielkopolska

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Hi, my name is Dawid Ruszczyński, and I'm a professional photographer since more than 6 years.
In 2017 I decided to make my passion the work of my life.
I'm a bit crazy, creativ, always happy and the most important thing, I love to create beautiful photos and capture your most intimate moments – like: tears in your eyes, your yes-words, your smile, every kiss, hugs and special moments and all the small things of your wedding day. 
A wedding is one of the most memorable and emotional days in a couple's life.
I love poeple, and my job:)  and I accept you, for who you are:)

My photography is a special journey through: light, colors, shapes, emotions, and passions:)

My motto is: 
"Love that what you do - and you will be successful"

I am sure that you will be satisfied with our cooperation!

I'm based in Poznań, Poland but I can work everywhere in the world.
Have a good day!


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