Agata Grządzielska

Poznań, Poland Wedding Photographer
Poznań, Poland Wedding Photographer - Agata Grządzielska

Agata Grządzielska

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I am a photographer based in Poznań, Poland, but I’m available worldwide. I shoot weddings, architecture and I do business and lifestyle family photoshoots as well. I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. Being minimalist, I emphasise quality over quantity, I value natural materials and subdued colours. 

The camera has been with me since childhood, because of my dad, who allowed me to experiment with his analogue camera. I photographed dogs, children, I did many business sessions and much more. However, I like to photograph weddings the most. Why? It’s simple – they let me tear myself away from everyday matters and move to an ideal world od beauty and love for few hours. I get carried away by the positive aura that surrounds people on their wedding day. I must admit that I am probably quite addicted to it. 

I suspect that I have the best job in the world, and certainly – I work closely with the best couples in the world.

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