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Athens, Greece Wedding Photographer
Athens, Greece  Wedding Photographer - Manos Skoularikos +capturing moments+

Manos Skoularikos +capturing moments+

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My photographic journey starts a bit differently than usual, by not “owning a camera since I was young” but by a hobby, I used to have since I was little. The curiosity of observation.

I always loved to observe people, their surroundings and fill my eyes with pictures and colors. 
And this simply because a thousand words, emotions, smells as well as music and melodies can fit into a photograph.
 The biggest part of my cinematic style was formed by my love for cinema.

Last but not least music played a big part in me becoming a photographer. Believe it or not, photographs have music within them. Looking at a photograph that evokes emotion is the same as listening to a song that evokes an emotion and these can be combined into one/become one: a photograph that brings to mind a melody or a song.
 In conclusion, I found a way to transform all the songs that created pictures in my mind by capturing little but significant moments of life.
 I used to compose music, but when I stopped I had to find a way to bring out all these images in mind, and that’s how my journey into photography begins.


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