Octavian Micleusanu

Venice, Italy Wedding Photographer
Venice, Italy Wedding Photographer - Octavian Micleusanu

Octavian Micleusanu

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I am a photographer,graphic designer and painter. I'm also a teacher. I bought my first film camera in

1995, at the age of 18. In 2001 I i start study in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 2013 I get degree the

Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where in 2006-2007 I work as a technical laboratory assistant.

Currently I also work as a teacher in art graphics and graphics and communication. Since 2013 I have been

an accredited photographer at the Venice International Film Festival, the International Biennale of Art,

Contemporary Dance, Architecture.From 2018 accredited photographer during the Venice Carnival and at

Venice Fashion Week.

I have diplomas, awards, certificates of various international courses and workshops. Various personal

exhibitions of photography, graphics, painting. Numerous articles in newspapers and blogs, various written

interviews, videos and radio, but also many articles. I own several photos of international stars, including

photos at the wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, September 27, 2014 in Venice.

I speak Italian, English, French, Russian and Romanian.

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