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International Wedding, Lifestyle and Travel Photographer, Writer, Cinematographer

2020 Wedding Photographer of the Year | Business Excellence Awards | Acquisition International 

Canon Brand Ambassador 

Your story deserves to be told with heartfelt attention to detail - beyond just closeup photos of the decor and flattering portraits, but with breathtaking glimpses into memories that would otherwise fade. 

*** artistic and intimate ***

We thrive on stories; experiencing them, creating them, discovering them and sharing them with the world. The kind of stories where you lose yourself in a journey of emotions and memories.

***emotional ***

Photojournalism styled images are our signature. We want our work to move people emotionally in addition to being visually beautiful.

​These kinds of images are deeply inspired by capturing fleeting moments; small moments that often occur in between more significant ones. They are raw and intimate, touching the soul and reflecting on the personalities of the people involved.

We take the time to get to know our couples on a deeply personal level which helps us to identify the moments that are important to them. It also helps us to understand what pieces of their day will evoke rich emotion, and especially, what memories are worth preserving.


*** cinematic ***

We strive to achieve the “wow” factor by producing magazine-styled cinematic images that draw inspiration from high-end fashion magazines and wedding gown advertisements. To achieve this, we incorporate movement, fashion-based lighting, and storytelling all whilst blending our couples into their environment.

Couples we just love

We just love couples who live life to its fullest and are incurable romantics. They are able to let go and be fully immersed in the moment. They trust us enough and give us space to capture the real beauty and essence of their timeless stories so that we can deliver images that really carry a greater and deeper intimacy.

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