Artis Artur Karczewski

Gdansk, Poland Wedding Photographer
Gdansk, Poland Wedding Photographer - Artis Artur Karczewski

Artis Artur Karczewski

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Hi, I'm Artur. I'm based near Gdansk in Poland and work throughout the country and abroad.

I'm trying to find the right balance between photojournalism and portrait photography. They are both important on the same way. Photojournalism is great. I shoot what happens : the real wedding, the real smiles, the real tears. But everyone loves love stories. Photos which take your breath away. Everyone needs the portrait session, alone, just the bride and the groom where I can see their real love, the intimacy.

Every couple I work with has something truly unique to them and my photographs reflect this. By the time your special day arrives, we won’t be strangers as I take time to get to know you and what your planning for your day. Initially I like to meet up if you’re in the area – maybe go for a coffee and some cake, or visit the venue with you and talk through your plans. Alternatively if you’re a long way away or your wedding is abroad then we can chat on Skype or Facetime. This planning ensures that I’m a step ahead on the day – in the right place at the right time to capture what’s happening around me.

I'm always motivated and at every wedding I do my best. On that day the only thing that matters is to give my clients a true, breathtaking, unique story through my photos.

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