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A wedding is like a fairy tale becoming true.


A tale that starts before the day of the ceremony: the bride and the groom that I have in front of me on that special day have learnt along the way to communicate just with a quick look, or a subtle gesture. They developed their own code, that no one else understands.

This happens also within the family: a not really talkative father that expresses a whole life of never said “I love you” with a few pats on the shoulder. A caring mother that anticipates her daughter moves, making sure she has everything ready, without the need to say anything.

I think that being able to recognise these codes to predict the situation to photograph is really important to have a great reportage: the look that comes before a hug, a touch of hands before a kiss, a smile that starts to blossom. It is relevant to establish a great feeling with bride and groom, that have to feel comfortable and not tailed or forced into poses or situations that don’t suit them.

I don’t have to invent anything; their story has already been written in the past years together.

Creating the right harmony and being aware and ready to detect those secret codes: these are the keys for a perfect reportage, that will move you and everyone else who will see it.


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