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My name is Bogdan, Bogdan Chircan Photographer, wedding photographer, as I'm usually called when I meet with people who admit me, more recently ... with the close ones, too.
 So, the truth is that a new personality is beginning to emerge ...

The name "wedding photographer" it's feels good, it's like a groan, only that its greatness can awaken you exactly when you want to breathe more, It's like the cold air of a beautiful morning, from a gloomy day that cut your breath and It's imposible to not feel the responsibility, heavy and strong responsibility, slightly compassionate, but also sweet, the most sweetest taste of stopping time and remembering .... getting in touch and waking up and realizing that you are so responsible that there is no deeper and more memorable than that.

I am the writer and storyteller of the most endless event, your wedding, where the characters are you, the bridegroom and the bride.
I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad my pictures have caught your attention. ..that means a lot.

I love wedding photography, it seems to me the most authentic, unique and special way to show my love for people and the way I can freely express my creativity ...

Is the only way I can enjoy the inner beauty of people, their naturalness, I like to capture elegant moment, but also those vibrant emotions ...

Welcome to my world, dear future friends!

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