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Hi everyone!

I'm Ilaria, the feminine part of Ilaria&Andrea, an husband and wife team of wedding photographers. We love to tell the most exciting thing about Life: Love.

At every wedding we want to create unique and personal images for our couples that tell their story.
Capturing the essence of who they are in natural and authentic way is our passion and in this we put all our heart and soul.
We love when things happen by themselves, because in those time you can enjoy moments of real life. We aspire to tell this.
For us, a beautiful photograph is that image that after years will be able to transport you to that moment, making you feel like that day.

We have heard ourselves what it means "marriage" and this has allowed us to strengthen the empathy with our couples, fully understanding the dynamics and moods that revolve around that day.
For this reason, we understand even more the importance of having next to a figure who can be professional at times, a friend other and in some cases simply invisible.

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