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Rome, Italy Wedding Photographer - Luigi Orru Wedding Photography

Luigi Orru Wedding Photography

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What I do

My goal is very simple: I want to tell your special day through images that go beyond wedding photography.

I don’t want to give you just some pictures: I want to create works of art that will leave you speechless, that communicate the essence of what you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that push anyone to stop and look. I look for the the colors, the light, the emotions that make those days unique and unforgettable, to fix forever those images, like in a capsule of time.

Why I do it?

I could reply this question in a very simple way: I like it, it makes me feel good.Actually, what I love is making people feel good, people I have the privilege of sharing those important moments with. Memories are our priceless heritage that have to be preserved forever, and being chosen to this purpose, well… means really a lot to me!

I do this, because it’s amazing to make people happy, and this is proven by the comments left by my friends – this is how I like to call them – with whom I shared such moments.

Thinking that over time they will go through their albums, between laughters and tears of joy, and will remember that enthusiastic boy, who was so happy to tell their story on that day, makes me a different person.

Happy, indeed, to have given them back, indelible in time, pure emotions.


Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

Daisy & Marvin

My husband and I the most amazing experience working with Luigi on our wedding photos! He has fantastic ideas and I had no idea what I wanted, so his vision was essential.

Not only are his photos gorgeous, but his professionalism did not diminish his warmth and the level of comfort that it brings. I cannot wait to see the rest of our pictures!!

Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

Gilda & Daniele

What about Luigi ... he is not a simple photographer, he is a true all-round artist who captures the deepest emotions of the most beautiful day of your life with his art. He is a serious professional, meticulous, creative and endowed with a profound humanity. It does not do a "classic" photographer service, but with mastery it tells your story, highlighting the emotions and narrating all the most significant details. Nothing is left to chance in his stories, I can assure you. Every significant detail will be there and it will be enriched by that halo of poetry that only those who really know how to make photography and those who are endowed with deep sensitivity can grasp.
From a human point of view then what to say was immediately a great feeling. That day my husband and I felt so much at home that we perceived his presence as that of a friend, of a neighbor who was an integral part of the context and so was also for our family and our guests. Never has it been intrusive or has interrupted convivial moments but on the contrary it has become part of it by telling them what an excellent observer it is.
If you want a true quality photographer, Luigi is the one for you! We could not have made a better choice.
Thanks again for all dear Luigi, you could not make us more happy

Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

He is an artist before ..... a great photographer after ... he transmits His Passion ... he finds the light in the most incredible angles  to highlight the image ... his best virtue is that he is very charming ... humble ... and elegant ...! .... the set of his shots represent the life you want to have or imagine ... Thank you for your true Heart ... in a few hours you have represented our dreams with images that will accompany in our lives ... dreams that are transformed into reality .....


Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

Well, if I told you that Luigi is an exceptional photographer, I would not do him justice. Not at all. Luigi is THE Photographer. I say this sincerely. Since the very first moment we met, I realized that no one else would ever be enough and that we would not have had a simple photo shoot with him, but a story, or rather a fairytale. On the wedding day, as soon as he got home, he became one of the family, he made everyone feel at ease, and above all he knew how to seize special moments. And I don’t mean only pictures. It would be reductive. I mean feelings, emotions. The ones that give you goosebumps. I would like to say something especially to the brides: on that day you will be nervous, someone more, someone or less, but it’s like this for all of us. I assure you that having a friendly and familiar face, which makes you more comfortable, lets you being more relaxed and, above all, beautiful. Believe me, he portrayed my husband and I in the most spontaneous ways and the outcome was amazing. And I tell you that, after several days, looking back to the pictures Luigi has been able to capture, still moves us so much. So if you want your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings always alive, you can do nothing but relying on him. For that day, trust me, look for someone who is able to tell, not only your marriage, but your own story, yourselves, your love and your emotions. With Luigi, you will soon find treasures in your hands, and no predictable photos. You will get beautiful images, full of poetry and wonderful memories. I really, strongly, recommend him to you. We love you Luì!


Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

Being a photographer is a serious matter. Even more when you are called to capture a page of history like  amarriage. So many emotions, all different, many colors and a lot of tension.  When we saw the photos of Luigi, however, everything was rekindled and we lived again on June 16, 2018. Luigi seems almost to be  merged with the environment, so as to be able to steal glances and smiles that otherwise we would never have been able to remember. From a technical point of view his preparation is undoubted and unexceptionable as well as his skill. But what leaves you breathless is how it manages to reach the main objective: telling a story (which is our story), making it as simple and genuine as it is in reality. Relying on him was the best thing we could do, because, in his case, our special day made him eternal. An infinite thank you from the depths of the heart ...

Luigi Orru, Rome, Italy

We were introduced to Luigi by our wedding planner, we were planning a wedding from the United States. We wanted a photographer to capture not only our special moments, but moments of everyone who joined us for our wedding!! We were blessed to have been able to be married at Il Borgia castle and so incredibly thankful we were able to work with Luigi and Andrea!! They were so patient, sweet and professional. While planning from so far away I had so many questions, requests and wanted to make sure all details were taken care, and Luigi made sure to make me feel confident that all was taken care of! On the day of our wedding it was as if a longtime friend was there taking all of our photos! Luigi was so easy to work with and was able to capture some amazing photos from our fairytale!!! I would highly recommend working with Luigi for anyone who is wanting absolutely gorgeous photos!! When we return to visit Italy we will be contacting Luigi for another photo session!!!

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