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Rome, Italy Wedding Photographer
Rome, Italy Wedding Photographer - Luigi Orru Wedding Photography

Luigi Orru Wedding Photography

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Telling your wedding tale is a great responsibility, and truly a privilege.

A natural, spontaneous and above all discreet way. I will not hinder the natural course of events in any way whatsoever, yet I will narrate the things that happen as well as your emotions through my eyes.

I never take photos in the same way twice. Each story is unique and different; the thing that thrills me the most, is that it makes me live this profession with ever-new enthusiasm. Each time it is as if it were the first time. I do not use any standard, run-of-the-mill images, only the photographic language that I can call my own. 

I live in a nice house near Rome, where I was born in 1967, with my family – an extraordinary woman who’s still by my side after more than 30 years (we were kids), and two children I am proud of.

I spend most of my spare time with Dustin, the world’s most beautiful Golden Retriever.

Music has been a constant part of my life – first as a musician and now as a photographer. I have portrayed major international stars, I have designed album covers for very important artists, and my photos have been published in leading national and international magazines.




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