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Hi I'm Harry, I'm a cheerful and polite 'photo ninja' with over a decade working as a professional wedding photographer.

Aside from gathering a few groups and portraits as required, I'm primarily a reactive photographer and respond to the moments as they unfold. Frozen camera face is a condition we all suffer from but I believe people look their best when they're relaxed, present and simply being themselves!

For me, it's so important to gain your confidence beforehand over a coffee or something stronger. On the day itself, I want the photos to be the last thing on your mind because you should be lost in the moment, enjoying your day.

I'm a Fearless award winner and in 2017 I made the Wedding Photojournalist Association's top 10 worldwide (#1 in London).

I'm based in Islington, London and have shot weddings across the UK and Europe.

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