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Minsk, Belarus Wedding Photographer
Minsk, Belarus Wedding Photographer - Kebikov Evgeniy

Kebikov Evgeniy

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Wedding Photographer.Wherever you are I will help you to capture every precious moment that you’ll never forget.

Offer myself as a wedding photographer in any part of the world where loving hearts are.

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Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Dima & Lyuba

Zhenya, we sincerely thank you very much for your work! It was very important day for us and you helped us to capture it for long years! It is so pleasure to work with you. You are kind, responsible and creative person! All our friend are delighted with you. It was important for me to plot every minute of our wedding day out. And I've done it! Pictures were amazing‼! The design of set is an awesome work. Is is seen that you like your job. Thank you very much one more time!

Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Sasha & Dasha

Zhenya is just a wizzard. Our wonderful wedding day was the 2d June. We thought that nothing but little rain can prevent a photo shoot in summer. But the weather was against us. Inspite of this we have the best, vivid and vatiable pictures. Zhenya thought plan B out. The photo shoot was impossible outside, we rent a room in a hotel where he did everything to make a good pictures. He thought everything over. Thank you. Because you've done nice, warm and sometimes funny pictures at the day without any sunlight. Moreover we asked picture in different styles.

At the end I would like to say that if you want to capture your wedding beautiful, styling, funny and bright, Zhenya can make it on 101%.

Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Artem & Katia

Zhenya, we wholeheartedly want to thank you! The wedding day got away from me, but you captured the most important moments. It was funny and lively. Pictures are vivid, bright and some of them are funny. Waiting was worthy of it. We wish you success in your life!

Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Sasha & Luda

Almost 3 months have passed since our wedding day!!! Pictures and video were watched only two times... But we did it with tears of happiness and gratitude to you! Zhenya - it is about you! We can't say anything in different way about you as a good person and a photographer! You make a lot of professional efforts, show your resoursefullness and put your soul in your favorite job. Because when a person does his favorite work with a passion, love and serious approach he gets a marvelous result and admirers. Thank you for the work in that big day. You deserve the highest awards and luck because you present us our captured happiness. It is easy to work with you! We are waiting for new meeting and new (now family) pictures!

Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Dima & Alina

Yevgeniy is a wonderful photographer, admirable and funny person. There was not any self-consciousness during the shooting. Zhenya was successfully joined in our friendly atmosphere of our wedding day. I think it is too important because newlyweds' ease is a result of natural and vivid shots.

He makes his work competently because of knowing a great deal of the job. He knows how to work with both daylight and candlelight. He has a sense of composition and enthusiasm for good shots. He can't handle pictures with unnatural colors and looseness of important details. In short - professional.

And what is more important, he does his work with a passion. He shots without a break, when he just forgot to have a dinner that we offered to him. He tries new photo devices with an enthusiasm and tries to make new experimental shots. I am sure that now he is more professional, because of his  perfectionism (our wedding day was 13.08.2016).

I also advice to newlyeds to take part in ghe photo shoot. Inform your preferences or show some examples from the Internet. Zhenia's professionalism will let you fulfill everything you want. And inform him if you have an idea to make a particular shot. Once more thank you!

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