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Berlin, Germany Wedding Photographer
Berlin, Germany Wedding Photographer - Spree-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie | Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin

Spree-Liebe Hochzeitsfotografie | Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin

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"There's always a story waiting to be told."

Dear wedding couple, it is always important to me that we both are on a wavelength. Because outstanding photography always requires trust and good communication. Thats what I learned working as a photojournalist over the years.

So let me introduce myself to you. Since I started studying international photojournalism natural moments and honest storytelling became the cornerstones of my work. My wedding photography is highly influenced by famous photojournalists like Jacob Aue Sobol, Anders Petersen, Darcy Padilla and Josef Koudelka. I do not take wedding photos which remind me on lifestyle photography and fake glamor from the advertising. For this I am not the right photographer. If children are playing in the dirt, I photograph them just like that. If people are crying at the ceremony, I capture all those tears of joy, if grandma is falling asleep I capture the moment. And even if the wedding cake falls down, I am ready do take the photo (not yet happened). Real moments, real emotions, life in all its bright colours and facets.

My image processing is therefore rather restrained, natural and timeless, because I think that an Instagram filter or blur on the skin does not make a photo better, takes it's own identity, rather distracts from its actual story and perhaps retroacting in 20 years considered looks totally embarrassing to you.

A journalistic wedding coverage is a very personal time document, an insight into one's own past, into the here and now, and also in the common future. This is how I define myself wedding photojournalism.


Alexander Ziegler, Berlin, Germany

Anna: THANK YOU! You guys are AMAZING! Thank you so so soooooo much! It was really great to work with you and we will keep recommending you to everyone.You made us feel comfortable and were fun to be around and you clearly are incredibly talented. We are really happy we got to share our special day with you  

Hassan: Thank you very much for sending over the pictures, you've really done an amazing job and have made our special day all the more special.I have to say I find it very impressive how well you've managed to capture the essence of a situation and diversity of emotion so well. You're clearly a talented bunch and I wish you all the success in the future (rest assured we'll be recommending you to all our friends)Also, definitely let us know if you're ever in London!Regards, Hassan

Alexander Ziegler, Berlin, Germany

Sarah: Heiii, Hammer!!! Hatten gestern einen tollen Abend beim Angucken der Bilder. Robert findet sie auch super geil, viele Grüße soll ich dir sagen. Wir sind echt begeistert!! Daaaanke!! 

Robert: Hey wollte auch nochmal danke sagen! Wahnsinns Fotos! die Liebe im Detail und die Kreativität sind beeindruckend. In fast jedem Bild sehe ich was besonderes. Finds zB auch geil das oft noch eine zweite oder mehrere Personen im Hintergrund oder in Fensterscheiben etc zu entdecken sind. Wirklich top! Vielen Dank.

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