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So often, couples ask "what is your style", and "how do you usually work on the wedding day". There is not an easy answer to this, outside of throwing some buzzwords your way that have different definitions for each person. I want your wedding images to not only show how your day looked, but how it felt to be there. 

This results in a combination of a lot of different images, ranging from family portraits (how often do you have everyone all-together, looking pretty in one place?) and detail shots (lets be real, those took forever to pick out), to more candid images of you and the loves of your lives -- both the one you are marrying, and those who came to witness it. 

Just know from the get-go that anything is okay, and there is no need to hold back. This means crowd-surfing brides, emotional tears and hysterical laughter, eagerly searching downtown Buffalo for tequila shots, rock climbing bridesmaids, and quiet moments with loved ones. I will never judge their style of celebrating. I don't care what a wedding "should be"; I will work with you organically to photograph how their wedding actually is. 

The way a mother proudly beams during a father-daughter dance, partners' ecstatic reactions to seeing each other for the first time, that first instance a couple realizes they are finally married. 

These are the moments that you will treasure looking back after fifty years, those are the moments you will want to remember.

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