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So this crazy wonderful moment happened to you, you decided to marry your best friend. Now what? All of a sudden you have piles of magazines and that person you talked to once at a bar is asking where their invitation is. In all of this craziness, you need to find a photographer. But doesn't that mean spending most of your day reenacting the same photos you see all over the internet? Isn't it tons of cheesiness or those awkward senior photos we all day that looked nothing like us?


Well, sometimes it is. But I don't want it to be like that for you.


Your wedding day is this single day (or sometimes a few) that is jam-packed with emotions and all of these life-altering changes. It's likely the one time in your life that you will have all of the people you love the most in one place. It's this day that you spend months and years planning, but it flies by in a second. 


I want you to be able to enjoy that. To dance with your best friend, to take that inward breath right before you walk down the aisle, and to celebrate with your favorite humans when you are finally freaking married. Even better, I want you to live in every moment of that while having it documented so you can relive it over and over again.


Just know from the get-go that anything is okay, and there is no need to hold back. This means crowd-surfing couples, emotional tears, and hysterical laughter, eagerly searching downtown Buffalo for tequila shots, making a stop at home for photos with your fur/feather/scaled children. However, you want to show your love, and quiet moments with dear humans, I'm in.


I will never judge your style of celebrating. I don't care what a wedding "should be"; I will work with you organically to photograph how your wedding actually is. I want you to look at your photos and go "holy sh*t, that's me."



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