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HN wedding studio

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H.N. Wedding is a all inclusive professional wedding studio located in Richmond, Vancouver BC.

HN Photography is the first studio provides such one stop wedding boutique store provides exclusive professional skills and experiences for capturing your life’s important moments. Since serving West and East and different communities in many years we have the best understanding and designed to ensure to provide our client a complete comfortable and professional atmosphere.

HN Photography Studio was founded by Jackson  Chiang in 1998.  Inspired by love, and belief that wedding photography could be beautiful, fun, creative and honest, this boutique studio started in Vancouver, Canada.  More than a decade and hundreds of weddings later, the business now specializes not just in wedding photography but has grown to include custom  dress, wedding decor and wedding film etc.  Memories may fade away but photos hold and freeze it.  

An image always reminds people something no matter it makes you laugh or cry that’s the core we believe in photography and to capture those special moments is what we love to do and what we want to create for always. 

我們可能不是行銷包裝最好的公司但是我們很在意作品這個東西, 這個世界上沒有ㄧ種商業藝術形態是被每個人所接受的 但是我們相信它是可以誠實的很美而ㄧ位攝影師也不是說能把照片拍好就可以傳達到每個人想傳達的概念 我們用相機述說每個人的故事 如果能讓每個人看到照片當下內心有暖暖的感覺 我們會很開心 這是我們喜歡的 相信的 堅持的 這才是我們想提供的品質和體驗.  

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